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April 17 11:57 am

Could people be tackier? Been watching the Price is Right, I know that in turn makes me tacky. But there would be these hideous monstrosities of furniture and everyone is all Wooooooooooooooo. I'd be the one guest that would be saying "can I pick something less rattan?" Nothing like free colonial furniture to invalidate your existence.

Decided that I need to blow some money today. Gonna take Greg's picture in to get framed and have ordered my Qcam, and hopefully will have time to look at scanners. Also wanna go to IKEA and pick up some of those cheap "glass and clip" frames for two of his other pieces, and I wanna frame a Mondrian that I have, its just a cheap print but it'll do for the hallway. The Mondrian I have is not the one I want, the one I want is called "study in yellow". Not entirely certain that's the name but if not then its very similar to that.

Been giving some serious thought to going back to veganism these days. I was vegan (not vegetarian - if you eat fish and milk then YES you are still a carnivore) for almost five years, and slowly started eating meat out of convenience, etc. I think I'm concerned more with losing weight and losing that "heavy" feeling I've gotten used to waking with. By heavy I mean heavy-headed, thick skulled, etc. When you don't eat meat, especially milk, I found that I never experienced that. Not to mention the lack of phlegm, mucus, etc. I can honestly say I never had a cold, earache, or chest cold in that entire time, that of course is no longer the case. But anyway...

I'm still bored as you may have noticed. I've got about 5 people up on my ICQ list right now, but don't feel the need to talk to any of them right now. Sometimes I really question the amount of time I spend online. Am I avoiding other stuff in my life and burying myself on the web. I mean, I spend a ton of time online, and a whack of money on computer stuff. Yet it doesn't do much to make me more interesting, employable, or increase my longevity... does it? So really what's my point.

Yet at the same time I'm always making lists of what I need to do online, and what it is I feel I need to know more of. And the infamous list of programs I'm definitely gonna get proficient at, needless to say I never really do. For the record I'm not "down" right now or anything like that, just feel kinda dissociative in a way.

Also giving some serious thought to taking a week or two off of work in the next while. Maybe I'll go home and see my mom, or just sit home and "learn" more stuff on the computer. DOH, see what I mean? Its a viscious cycle.

I'm reminding myself of a friend I used to have that was a total broken record. Everytime you talked to her she would tell you all the things she was gonna do, but yet she never accomplished any of em

Jason is ICQ'ing me, but nothing major. Maybe sometimes I want my friends to "pursue" me more. You know... lure me online, etc. I'm such a suck. :)

I'm trying to get him to help me pick out some stuff for my computer, but he's being really vague. This is my one annoyance with him. If you try and get him to help you with something he gives these really ambiguous responses that are vague and never answers the question. Drives me fucking nuts. Mostly because I know that he knows it, either he just hates to help, or he thinks I'm a complete computer idiot. Either way... Grrrrrrrr.

PS: my laundry room met me for the first time this morning... I really have to spend more time down there. Its just pretty enough to take cocktails in. Honest.

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