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April 15 5:04pm

Just another loooooooong day on this end. Think I'm finding the amount of paperwork I've been doing on my days off to be frustrating as I still have to go in and cover my usual shifts in addition the the extra ones I've been assigned. Yet, at the same time its not as bad as it was. Meaning that I don't feel the resentment and frustration I used to.

Last night I went to Greg's after pissing around all day here, and we decided to finally attend Lost In Space. Greg figures we are getting into a "routine" of playing pool, and I say "yeah, so what?" But he gets creeped out when he gets routine activities and has a need to change that. So instead of drinking beer, I got to drink pop and gorge on popcorn. Not wise for a man that needs to drop ten pounds. But the movie was excellent. Visually, on a purely aesthetics level its was amazing for start to finish. Its a great kids flick as at no point are you on the edge of your seat or are you biting your nails. But if you like sci-fi, camp, and deco... then definitely see it. And this is not something you'll hear outta my lips often, but damn that Matt LeBlanc is adorable. And I'd read that Lacey Chaubert was "annoying" but I'd have to disagree with that, she's an angst-ridden teen of the future, cut the girl some slack.

On the way home we stopped to see if Boogie Nights was in, and it was. So needless to say that was the rest of our evening. It was kinda neat seeing Heather Graham in two such distinctly different roles back to back. From Dr. Katey Robinson to porn goddess Rollergirl. You go girl. If you haven't seen it yet, its definitely worth a look, but then again you know I love anything that glorifies subculture and groups otherwise overlooked.

This morning Greg was so sweet. When I'd try and get up he'd "tug" me back down and ask me not to go in to work. If I could've got the day off I would've. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was still all curled up in the blankets just sorta massaging my lower back under my shirt. That intimate gesture "almost" had me convinced, he knows what buttons to push.

We're going out tonight to help a friend of his look at paintings. She wants to go to this woman's house and view some art, and I think I'm getting delegated to help her husband attempt to put his business online. I think he bought a printer thinking it was a fax. If that's the case I'm not sure how to tell him nicely that its best to just trash the whole idea all together. We'll see.

I'm taking a poll. When I get my webcam... what should I take a pic of and post online? Anything except my face or my dick mind you. Whatever gets the most responses is what I'll upload for you. Let me know.

I've nothing riveting to say so I'm ending it here.

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