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April 12 (very late)

Sooooooo, I had supper on Saturday night with my senior citizen friend and that was fine, as I thought it would be. We stuffed our faces with ham, peach pie, and Kinder Surprises, watched Investigative reports, and discussed the writing of Carol Shields to death. She's gonna lend me The Stone Diaries, so I was doing some backup work on that... AKA drilling someone who's read it. And yeah, we discussed ALL her usual health complaints and how she's gonna drop dead anyday now. She won't btw... so don't go furrowing up yer brow and thinking "my he's callous". She's one of those people that would have absolutely nothing to say if she didn't have some new health problem to take her to the specialist. Damn sweet woman, just incredibly needy at times. Once she gets all her ailments out of the way, then she can move on to talk about real things in her life, she's a very sharp woman and always has great insights. I feel as close to her as I do to any of my regular friends. Investigative Reports was on Child Porn on the Internet, I had to answer a whole litany of questions after about just how the net works. Yet she's one of the few people who's never been on the net, but when you explain... she totally gets it, no blank stares from her or furrowed brow.

If my writing and sentence structure and train of thought are all over the place... then bear with me, as I'm exhausted.

Decadent purchases of the day: Belgium beer, Parisian coffee, Lebanese takeout. OH yeah, and a printer. Don't look for a theme in those four items, as there isn't one.

I got a great printer second hand, for a really good price. But alas, one of the ink cartridges was dried out, and the install and software disks were missing. I know I can still get these in the future but it annoyed me none the less. So basically I bought a new cartridge, stapled the receipt to the cheque and deducted the difference. And yes... both cartridges were supposed to be full when I got it, so I was allowed to do that. Grabbed the drivers of the net so I could install it, and WHAT you may ask was my first printing test? Yep, yesterday's journal entry. I'm such an egoist.

What else? Went and saw Species2 today... yawn. I could expound on its flaws, but I won't. These extra shifts have been harder on me than I thought they would be. Been sooooo tired this week, and still have lots to do. A full day tomorrow, as well as trying to deal with my brother and his demands. I mentioned he's in the process of buying my car didn't I? Well that's just a huge  fiasco of sorts, some other day I'll tell you about it.

Know what? I'm gonna leave now, cause I've NOTHING left to say.

Cept that I talked to Shel on AIM tonight. We discussed sexy men, sexy books (AKA good books) and even crossed over into TV shows. Can't believe I found someone who likes Newsradio as much as I do. I'm always trying to convince my friends to watch it and they all roll their eyes and say "I don't do sit-coms." Well to make a long story short... Shel's pretty darn sweet it seems. I'm wondering if there is a book she HASN'T read though. Almost makes me envious, I really need to read more. Blah, blah, blah. I know I'm drifting again.

Winter1709 (or something like that)... wasn't ignoring you, just had someone show up just as I noticed your message and was basically on "away" at the time as well. Sorry, next time you see me though... definitely say hi again and I promise to respond back. :)

Off to consume copious amounts of over priced coffee...

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