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April 11th 10:45am

Yep I updated less than 11hours ago, but here I am again. Actually heading out and *again* don't know when I'll be back. Therefore, I figured I'd peck and scratch out an entry before I split. Either that or I'm trying to do something that will make my brain snap out of this fog, the one that's a result of staying up too late and sleeping too little.

My brother woke me to get those papers this morning and all I could do was stare blankly, not sure I even offered him any conversation to be honest. But hey, at least he took his sorry self outta my apartment. I decided that the chance of us ever actually being friends is never gonna happen, we're just too different and there's too much under the bridge. I like to romanticize that someone day I'll stand up at his wedding, and that we'll vacation together with our respective spouses, but it isn't gonna happen EVER. I can accept it.

Fell asleep with AIM on, and missed you know who. *sigh*

Shel said something about "tabloid dreams" being one of the cooler webrings, as it consisted of mostly diaries she'd already bookmarked... just wanted to add my 2cents and say "ditto". This is the first ring I've belonged to that feels "intimate" for lack of a cheezier word. Oh come on James, yer pretty cheezy, you could find a fromage word to top that (probably could just too tired).

My friend that's manic depressive is coming to town today, but I won't see her till tomorrow though. I really should find a better handle for that poor girl than just "my manic depressive friend", makes me feel the same saying it as I feel when someone says "meet James, he's my gay friend." She's dropping off a printer I bought, and we're gonna hang out, etc. Except that the people I bought it off of forgot to include the installation CD. Grrrrrrrr. I hate buying anything and not being able to exploit it immediately, that totally sux. But its a three hundred dollar printer, and I got it for under two hundred so I'm not too pissed about it.

Blah, blah, blah.

I want to go and hang in chat, but I have to move my ass here and get ready, have a noon appointment that I can't miss or I'm dead.

I really am trying to come up with something engaging, honest I am. Instead I'll just give you a quick cat anecdote. I awoke this morning with my cat (the oldest one) attempting to lick the inside of my nostril. Therefore I bolted up exclaiming "who's there" the first time, and "don't tell mom!!!" the second time. I'm gonna assume I was dreaming the second time around. Either that or I'm filled with such shame over my cat licking my nostril, that I'd just die if my mom knew that my nostril had been french-kissed by a cat. Who knows.

Not sure if I mentioned before that I finally re-arranged my room so that I'm content with the layout or not. Well I did, and I am. I'm now afforded, with just a slight leaning to the right. A perfect view of the alley and parking lot, as well as most of my neighbors. This so paid off last night, as I got to observe during periods of boredom, all my drunken neighbors coming home. Was even able to isolate which one of them is always breaking beer bottles in the parking lot. I'm thinking of gathering up all the broken glass and tossing it in his car window one of these nights. Public inconsideration is a HUGE issue for me. Also got to see, although I'm not as "excited" about this one, the girl down the hall giving her b/f head when he dropped her off. Should really tell her that although men "just" have to be afforded the full view, she really should tell him to turn off the interior light in the future. I'm not a voyeur... honest, Ok I am actually. But not in a "peeking through the shades in the dark abusing myself sort of way." But rather in a "would you look at that sorta way". Either way, I seldom turn away if I see lewd acts in public...

Speaking of which. I feel really bad for George Michael. Honestly I do. What in the devil were you thinking George? *sigh*

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