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April 10th late-ish

WOO HOO!!! My modem is finally back up and everything's OK. Just when I was walking out the door they phoned to let me know that all the modems on this server were down for the whole province. I was just running out the door then and just got home now, thus I didn't miss much. Finally was able to find out where my webspace is at and how much I get etc, its only 5megs BTW. Actually I'd convinced myself it was ten or more, oh well. Should suffice for the page that I have in mind. Speaking of which, I've committed myself to make three pages for different friends, one to sell fashion, one for shameless self promotion, and one to distribute self-porn. Such a classy bunch of friends I have. Yeesh.


Tonight was a good night. I worked the STAT as I'd stated yesterday, and when I got to Greg's tonight I was just in time to see Shandra off for a three day weekend with her new boyfriend. Apparently she's cutting the umbilical cord, as her mother phoned and they had a huge fight. Now that Shandra is learning independence, living over a thousand miles away and learning a new language, her mother has decided that she's got to know EVERYTHING in her life. Even told Greg to not let Shandra go on this trip, or something to that effect. Shandra lost it, I was very proud of her. She stomped, screamed, and had an overall hissy-fit. Attagirl, Shandra. She's been quite different lately, I'd even go so far as to quote Miss Austen and say that Shandra has definitely "not beyond her bloom". She looks happy, and subsequently has a glow that adds to a look of freshness and health, one that was sorely lacking before. She no longer bursts into tears, sleeps 14hours a day, or hangs around waiting for us to entertain her. But more than that, I'm glad she's happy, that she's dating, and that she's getting something out of her stay here finally. I think if she was to go back home with no other life experience than hanging around a couple of fags, almost learning poor English, and eating sushi... then she would regret having made this experience happen. At least now she can add an affair to the list of accomplishments, and we all know how much more memorable an excursion is once you throw some sex into the equation.


Greg and I rented vids tonight and ordered pizza. Initially we were gonna do the whole dinner thing but then I realized that he wasn't gonna eat meat. My family hates pig so we don't do ham, but instead have a turkey on Good Friday... GASP, SINNERS!!! Ahem, we ain't Catholics either so we can do what we want. So basically Greg and I spent three days arguing about what we were gonna make, and out of desperation chose pizza, as we just couldn't decide. I argued that he wasn't going to heaven anyway as he won't finish his sacraments and he just "glowered" so I figured I'd hit a nerve and just let it slide. Actually while I'm on the topic... that's kinda nasty little catch there dontcha think? Get married or burn in hell, tsk, tsk, tsk. Not fair, not fair at all. Same with having brats, tsk, tsk, tsk. For what its worth Greg got his blessed fish after all, do you think the church accepts shrimp pizza as a holy meal?

We watched "When the Cat's Away"... excellent film. If you can handle subtitles I definitely recommend it. Really quite a clever film, and not to "symbolic" or heavy, as most foreign films are. Also watched the "Peacemaker" and I fell asleep halfway through. I woke up as the credits were rolling and when I asked Greg what happened, he just sorta blinked and said "I'm not sure". And when I asked "How was it".., he sort stared blankly and said "I don't really know for certain." So I guess that means don't rent it. Oh yeah, we also watched "In and Out" for the comic relief, although the first video was pretty clever as well. I'd seen this one, but Greg hadn't, and I was curious about giving it a second look. I really liked it, it was clever, light-hearted, but yet did deal (in its own little Hollywood way) with the whole gay issue. And dare I say Joan Cusack is in it? I watched that horrid little Hugh Grant in Nine Months just to see her in a cameo, so needless to say she was brilliant as usual. When I'm loyal to an actor, I'll see them through even the worst flicks, and I rent everything that she's in.

Afterwards I returned a ton of phone calls that needed dealing with, and when I came back out I saw that Greg had crawled into bed and was fast asleep. I hate that. I hate crawling into bed once he's asleep. I feel like a shit for not being with him. I found out that I had to come home and pick up some papers as I needed to transfer something to my brother in the AM, so I just got dressed and headed home. And VOILA, here I am.


Daria is sound asleep on the couch with all the lights on, for a change, and her door's open. So I'm not dealing with it, if she leaves her door open then I can't be responsible if the girls go in there and piss all over the place. I do think I isolated the "issue" though. Daria has decided that the cats are too fat, and has imposed a calorie counting program on them. I'm not sure how much she feeds them when I'm not home, but the dish is always empty and they are always crying and begging for more food. Whenever I go for the dish she says something to the effect of "they're manipulating you, they've just been fed", etc. I put this up there with how my siblings react if anyone else tries to discipline their children, meaning that its really annoying. I don't care if my girls are fat, as they love to eat. They aren't obese, so I'm not overly concerned to say the least. I figure they have associated her with the withholding of food and are, as a result, punishing her. I tried to explain this and she just poo-poo'd me. Or more directly when I said "I think they have issues with you", she turned to me and said "I don't have time for cats with issues, thank you very much." The tone she used had me on the floor laughing. Was hoping to ask her about how the last day was, but as I stated she's sawing logs on the couch so I haven't had the chance yet. But I have a lap full of cats on my end, so all's well as far as I can see. :)

Thanks to everyone that responded to the whole cat pee question, I appreciated all the feedback. The one that I had never heard was that cats will avoid the smell of lemons. I had used Lysol as a deterrent in the past, as they also hate that smell. I also hate the smell so it wasn't somewhere I wanted to go again. I knew about a cat's insane urge to urinate on plastic bags, as the girls and I went through that little issue when they were babies unfortunately. I'm sure they won't forget my tyrannical tirades during that period anytime soon. Disclaimer: I don't smack my girls, but I'm not above using guilt and shame on them if possible. Not to mention "knowing" stares from over the newspaper in the morning when they're trying to seduce my with their canine wiles AKA purring and rubbing their faces against my mouth.

Not sure if any of you watched the short-lived CBC series "Twitch City"? But I just have to state that my favorite roommate was the one that dressed the cat up in angel wings and would dance with it around the apartment.


Well I've really nothing intelligent to say, not that I did at any point during this spiel. So basically I'm off to do mail and hang on AIM to see if Noah pops up, as we have some things to go over and I've been so "not here" lately we haven't had much time to chat. Seems everytime we do connect its only for a few moments, we deal with what needs to be done, and then have to go our separate ways. *sigh* Got my fingers crossed as I won't be online for much longer.


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