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April 1 almost midnight...

Is it just me, or is April 1st one of the more tedious days of the month. Or maybe its just my friends that attempt the most tedious stunts? Either way I find it really silly. Even Greg was into all the nonsense, but then again he loves pranks, his work is big on pranks, mine isn't.

So last night, no pool. Instead we ended up going out for a late supper. I'd been talking about my birthday and where I wanted to go. I'd decided on this sushi restaurant in the neighborhood, and so we'd had it in our heads for a few days. Decided to break up the "monotony" and go there instead of going out for billiards. It really was an enjoyable evening to say the least.

What is it about going out that facilitates discussions that you'd probably never have at home? We talked about us, and where we were going etc. But just general, relaxed, affectionate ramblings... nothing to serious, I like it that way. We both talked about our careers, what we expected, and where we hoped to be in a few years. It really was a nice break as we tend to not talk alot when we're out playing pool it seems. And I'll take any opportunity to get green tea ice cream with mandarin oranges on it. :)

This has been the first time in awhile that we've been able to spend all our free time that coincides... together. I know it sounds stupid, but while we were out last night, I kept looking at him while he was talking and would think to myself how lucky I was. Just the way he looks at me, the open way he communicates, and how implicitly he trusts me and never seems to doubt us. I'm not used to this sort of relationship and I know I still doubt it at times, but all I have to do is watch him to know that he loves me, and that he has faith in us. He's such a beautiful man, both inside and out. I think he's the one big lesson that I still had to learn (karmicly speaking) and I hope it lasts. But if he ever did fall out of love with me, I know I could handle it.

We even discussed the whole concept of looking back on relationships romantically VS realistic and logically. How easy it is to lament over the one that got away, and how we place traits and sainthood upon someone that never possessed them to begin with. I tend to believe that its not worth lamenting (for the most part) over the past, as if it had been meant to be, then it would still be. Make sense? He agreed, and we talked about our "perfect ex's" and how we perceived them VS how we realistically knew they were. It was definitely worth a good laugh. Have I mentioned how much I love him? :)


My day at the workshop was surprisingly entertaining. I found it interesting, engaging, and worthwhile. Its amazing how much more I'm enjoying my job now that I feel I have some support and validation from my supervisor. No longer do I have to strictly rely on self-fulfillment, I finally have someone saying "damn yer good", instead of... "you could make this better by doing this."

Tonight I took a friend out to see "as good as it gets", even better the second time around. She'd been doubting Helen Hunt's ability to garner a Best Actress accolade, and I was on a mission to prove her wrong. Needless to say she loved it. I'm definitely buying that one when it comes out. And if you haven't seen it yet... shame on you.


Shame on me.... BUSTED


Jason just ICQ'd me a pic... he's a cutie that one.

Make that two pics now.


Updating my links page to include Me7, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Shell. Def have a peek if you haven't already, also may take a few off that I don't read much anymore.

U've probably noticed that I'm feeling a bit vacant  now, sorta surfing and pissing around while I write this. I had LOTS to say and comment on etc before I started, but I'm losing steam bigtime. Could be the cats that keep laying all over me and my keys, or it could be the roommate that's sitting in my doorway behind me yakking about something or other. Either way....

I'm outta here... but first I'm going to link this page to death.

PS: I still get annoyed (read pissed off) by people that don't update their "lists" "rings" etc... *grumble* *grumble*.

PPS: ...gonna add a disclaimer to my page. Just to clear a few things up and amuse myself.

PPPS: Just noticed that Rodion has added a few more links of people that I love, the boy has definitely good net tastes. *G*

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