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June 29

Know what I hate? I hate net-politics. I hate people who use their presence on the net to belittle or wield control and show their contempt for others. I hate people who purposefully attempt to hurt, intimidate, insult, or undermine others. I know I've talked about this before but I REALLY need to come to someone's defense here. Coming to her defense doesn't even really apply as she's done nothing wrong. I just have to bitch. Yes, I plan on belittling, insulting, undermining, and showing contempt for someone.

I was sent an ICQ this morning that plainly stated "check out this garbage". I followed the URL and it was a link to the page of a woman that stated that Rachel had stolen her HTML and page layout. I first read the incredibly juvenile and pathetic litany she'd posted, and was feeling not only bad for Rachel, but was somewhat feeling this woman's frustrations, as she did sound very upset and distressed. But then I followed the link to "her" design, yes the same design that she covets enough to humiliate herself over. I was expecting to see a carbon copy of the page in question. Well I should know better than to expect anything. The page was not only one of the uglier uses of tables I'd ever seen, but didn't resemble Rach's page in the least.

So basically you have someone who confessed to being a friend, but yet threw it all away on her own insecurities and delusions of not only grandeur, but originality and intelligence. She claims all sorts of idiotic things on her page, and even gave Rachel some lame award about shame and unoriginality.

When will people understand and get over themselves. Nothing on the net is new, HTML does not have a copyright and YES if you are doing a page even slightly similar to someone else... then your HTML will look the same as a person who is also using tables. My page looks more like this woman's page than Rachel's does, so when I finish her I'm gonna send her a mail and inform her that I've also plagiarized her and request her award. Although I'll have to mention that both Rachel and I have GREATLY improved upon her design.

Initially I wasn't even gonna comment on this as I hate getting involved in net politics. But once I realized just how pathetic and hurtful her accusations were I decided it did warrant a few moments of my time.

Grow up, get over yourself, fuck off, or get off the net. One or the other, cause honey you're tired, old, and tedious. Its all been said before, and by someone with WAY more style. Stop overrating yourself because no one is buying it.

Nuf bout the bimbo... time to get back to attempting to secure a copy of Claris for Me-7. Yes, Warez is my religion.


I was supposed to be going to see Greg tonite but I've opted to stay home and do some work. You know plagiarize.. I mean work on some webpages. Actually I'd much rather just go online and chat. Daria has rented LA Confidential and some other art film, so if all else fails I'll rewatch Kevin Spacey and drool over just what a beautiful, albeit old, man he is.

Daria has been so busy lately, she's been getting project after project after project lately. She claims though in that field you have to keep talking and take advantage of it while you can. Keep yourself out there while you are still on people's lips. She's been composing a letter to her ex, but I won't even go there.

I'll spare you all the tedious updates on all the tedious occurrences in my life and just end this now... laterz.


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