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June 28th

So last night was kinda fun after all. There ended up being about 8 of us going out for sushi and then over to another friends for dessert. We ended up around the kitchen table and were pouring over art books on religious imagery. A friend is doing a series of paintings on devils and we'd all contributed books to the cause. The cause of course being the search for the ultimate impish looking devil. Eventually the portfolio came out and you could see "the artist" getting agitated as she'd kinda stated she didn't want to make her paintings the focus of the evening. The girl who dragged the portfolio out wasn't getting this at all. So needless to say there were lots of "exchanged glances" throughout the night. I love *the artist* but she can have this really sharp edge to her, as we all can I guess. But she's just not as good at hiding it as the rest of the world is. I think the artist is concerned that the girl in question is going to change her mind on the painting she bought, after all its not paid for yet and she continues to wanna examine every other piece in detail repeatedly. Greg and I know that she's just trying to decide whether or not to convince her boyfriend to buy a piece as well, but we just stayed out of it. See, I can show discernment on occasion. :)

But overall it was a very enjoyable evening to say the least. I drank too many beers before the restaurant, too much sake at the restaurant, and WAY too much red wine with dessert. Fortunately I'm a happy drunk. Ok, so I wasn't wasted... but I did have a bit of a glow on.

We get home and Shandra and the new b/f are home, as well as a friend of his. I notice them holding hands, and snuggling on the couch. Cause I'm such a nosy fuck I instantly start commenting on "finally, you two are officially a couple". They smile, they nod, they giggle.

I tell him that the artist was telling us how three of this guy's relatives own pieces oh hers, and we do the whole "my, my, my what a small world" thing. He then tells me that he's trying to convince his mom to buy Greg's larger piece. I see Greg getting all perky eared, but yet he's trying to pretend he never noticed this little exchange (the new b/f and I were talking semi-privately). All the next day Greg kept hassling me about stuff like "did he say when, did he say if she was serious, did he say its a definite, etc". Honey, I don't know, I just don't know. Poor guy, he's losing it over this possible sale. But I did find out that his mom (the new b/f) owns a Picasso, so I've been racking my brain as how I'm going to convince him that I ABSOLUTELY need to meet his mother. And how to somehow convince them I'm not just coming over to visit her Picasso. But the problem is... how do I somehow convince her that after meeting the painting... I mean meeting her, that I somehow acquire visiting rights to the painting. This could be a hurdle, but I'm up to the cause.

So eventually we retire to our perspective bedrooms, after kicking his friends ass out of the apartment, as it didn't look like he was leaving anytime soon. And yes, he stayed the night. *wink* Greg and I sat up and watched a video, and every now and again he'd strain his ears towards the bedroom and ask "did you hear it?" Probably not that funny an analogy, but at the time it had us in stitches.


In the morning I'm dragged out of bed by Shandra as she's claiming the four of us have a brunch date so I reluctantly get up (I'd only been asleep for 3 hours by this point. Blah, blah, blah. He claims we're going to Denny's for a Grand Slam, I inform him that I don't do Denny's and he looks all confused... "so where do you go for brunch then?"

We end up taking them to this kitschy little, but far too popular, trendy breakfast place. Some people need to be exposed to things beyond Denny's and I definitely think he's one of them. Over the meal we all make plans to go out and see the Philosopher Kings, as its the last day of the Jazz-fest, he also offers us unlimited Philharmonic tickets to use. I'm REALLY liking this guy by this point. We smile, we nod, we eat, we bond, we leave. Last we see of them they are heading downtown and we head home for an afternoon "rendezvous". *wink* *wink*.

We lay around and listen to music, Greg works on a painting, and I spend the afternoon planning the over pretentious furniture scheme that I'll never be able to afford. We pretty much decide that Paris is not an option for us, and settle on our trip to Quebec instead.

Shandra comes home and is excitedly showing us the earrings he bought her... I could say that they were thousand dollar earrings, or is that irrelevant? She tells us how much she likes him, and how good he is to her, etc. How happy she is that they are a couple now, etc, etc, etc.

She's home for maybe two hours, and as far as we know we've still got plans to go out and see this concert at 8pm. But the phone rings and she gets all excited and starts tearing around the house pulling out food, and grabbing pots, etc. Greg tells me that the ex has just phoned her and that's she's having him over for supper. So anyway.... her and him sit around all night telling each other how pathetic English people are, how they're no good in bed, how they have no style, how they aren't intelligent, etc, etc, etc. By the time he'd left the new b/f had called numerous times and was obviously very pissed off. After all her fascination with her ex resulted in not only him having to cancel his plans, but all of us not being able to go out. I thought I was gonna rip her in half. If you hate it here so much then just go home.

Even Greg was stating about how little help English people get when going to where they come from, yet here everyone has bent over backwards to ensure she had everything she needed. He says he noticed a whole new level of ignorance on her part this evening. But from what we can tell she's just sitting around waiting to see what her ex is doing, as in is he staying or leaving, before she makes any decisions as to what she's doing. I just don't get it. I mean like for god's sake what is wrong with this woman? Now that they aren't together this guy is pulling her every which way and she's letting him and worse than that she's loving it. After their conversation tonight about the English, I've definitely cooled towards her and I know she knows it. Not sure she knows why though, but Greg was sitting there translating the entire time as he was getting so annoyed with both of them while they were discussing this.

The ex is your typical useless straight, white male that when he doesn't succeed its always someone else's fault. He never accepts responsibility for anything he does (or doesn't do). His inability to get a job is because everyone is prejudiced against him because of his language and his heritage. I just want to dive across the table and wring his throat half the time. What he doesn't realize is how many people have taken chances on him and have given him a chance. How many people I know with even less English skills than he has, yet they excel at their jobs. As you can guess I was just fuming last night. Finally he leaves and she runs to the phone to phone the new b/f, but it sounds like she's a bit too late. No man will be that much of a fool for anyone without wising up eventually. If he ever asks me I'll tell him straight out to quit wasting his time on her, she doesn't deserve him.

Nice guys come along every once in awhile, and if you score one then you are damned lucky.


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