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June 27

I'm telling ya, what a miserable day. Cold, overcast, predictions of rain, and wind like you wouldn't believe. Almost sorry I left work early. Just been hanging out in front of the screen, and despite my great intentions to accomplish hordes of stuff I've really done nothing. Just talking to Me-7 on ICQ and sent out a few mails. I felt it was absolutely imperative that Elizabeth receive the only pic in existence of her and I together. I show it to people to prove that she's not a figment of my imagination... usually after they say "pfffffffffshsht, like *you* know anyone who goes to Harvard." Which reminds me that I took my camera with me to meet with Greg, but do you think I so much as took a single pic... nooooo. I actually just *deflowered* Me-7 according to her husband AKA I'm teaching her how to exploit Warez, we all have goals and this is one of mine.

Just getting ready to head out for supper and then off an artist friend's house for dessert. <desert?> Yet this warez copy of Adobe PhotoShop 5 keeps calling to me, and I hate leaving halfway through a download.

  Yes, I'm having one of those "oh what to write about days". So I'll leave on the note that I bought Paradise today <Toni Morrison>, and I'm totally not understanding what had so many people confused. I'm only on "Mavis" but the layout makes perfect sense thus far. Anyway, I'm off to the restaurant...


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