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June 26th

This week has been exhausting. Work has been just busy as hell, and I'm back to working up to 14hour days. Field work and office time all day, and then my regular hours in the evening. Have a few things on the go that are chewing up my time in a big way. One is staff related, and one client related. Both are a pain in the ass. But c'est la vie.

I found out what was wrong with me finally, can you believe it was an allergy attack? I know pathetic eh? I have an allergy attack, it lasts a week, and thoroughly incapacitates me. But I'm mostly Ok now. Still have that heavy-headed feeling but other than that I'm doing not bad.

There have been so many things I've needed to say, and much more I've needed to get off my chest. But now that I'm sitting here.. I've lost the desire to discuss most of it. Or is it that I know I won't have time to give anything much depth at this point. Either way.

We actually had a few days of sun, and now its back to the freezing rain again. I don't know what's with this weather, but man oh man. Beginning of spring it was beautiful and was unseasonably hot. No rain during April/May like we should've had, but rather we are getting it all now and its not even nice rain. Its cold, bitter, and overcast. If this is the price we pay for that warm winter then its definitely worth it. IMHO.

Hmmm, maybe I will go back and update on those days I never posted anything afterall, so if you find entries between today and the 22nd... means I had a change of heart afterall.

On that note...

PS: I did right a rather inane one on the 25th just can't decide if I'm gonna upload it or do a new one.


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