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June 23rd

So Greg phones me today about the concert I was supposed to see with him the other night. I ask how it went and he sorta mumbles "it was OK". And then he asks "can I be truthful?" Well, DUH. "I loved it, it was the best time I've had in ages.

Apparently, to use his own words, him and the femme fatale acted "like a couple of teenagers". They screamed and hollered, got thoroughly liquored up and made complete spectacles of themselves. I'm sooooo jealous, when was the last time I made a complete spectacle of myself? I wonder.

But they ended up going to a jam session after with the band, and Femme Fatale got to go to a bedroom with one of them... she's such a tramp that girl (good tramp not bad tramp). And then he dragged himself home with enough time for a few hours sleep before work and has been coveting his autographed CD ever since. Yep, he's such a teenager. :)

Although I'm sorry I didn't get to see the band, I'm not sorry that it was her that went with him. She's so much fun, that one night in her life is the equivalent to the "funnest night" in most other people's lives. Had it been me and Greg then it would've been an entirely different situation, so I'm glad he got to blow off some steam with her.

He's been so stressed about work and everything within that he's been just consumed lately. He's been trying to get some time off as he's feeling really burnt out right now. I finally just sat him down and said "you're stressed out, you're driving yourself nuts, just phone and tell them... don't ask." So he's doing that and taking three days off an either end of his days off next week, so basically he'll have 6 days off... and man does he need it. Except now he's racking his brain as to what he'll do. He's not someone who can just sit and gorge on cookies and trash TV like I can. So now he's stressing out over how to best spend his time off, no wonder he's losing it.

I suggested coming over and having tons of sex with me. He then looks at me all serious and says "and what else?" The boy gets stressed and he loses his entire sense of humor I swear. But we do have plans on Saturday night to go out with friends for supper, and then home to their house for dessert so that could be a pleasant break. Yep, I took some time off this weekend to accommodate a semi-social night. I'm really needing it right now.


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