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July 22

***All that glitters is not gold... its wheat.***

Yours truly to Me-7 when I was describing where I grew up.

So one last update before I head out for a few days (actually 7 or so).

Maybe its being sick or whatever, but I'm feeling really detached. Hell I know its got to do with being sick. But my motivation is just at rock-bottom. I can accomplish absolutely nothing. I've hardly left my chair, yet I do na-da, zilch, butt-kiss.

Been reading alot of new journals for whatever reason. Something has really stood out, as I remember seeing it in myself when I started journalling. That being the belief that one's journal is just so amazingly interesting that everyone you know is gonna find it. I don't know, I used to think Renee of Just Me was a bit harsh when she'd slag other journalists for lamenting about what to write and what not to write, etc. But now I think I understand it a bit more. If you don't want people to find, don't post the fucking thing on the net. Use a pseudonym. Get over yourself.

Something else I've noticed lately is that I'm not as "into" my journal as I used to be. It just isn't making my peanut as brittle as it used to. I'll still do it, and I still enjoy it. Its just that I don't find that I really spend any time thinking about it if I'm not here, and often forget what I've written about as soon as I upload. Its a rather small part of my life. But then I read the posts on Diary-L and wonder some time if some journallers just spend way too much time lamenting over their diaries. Or as a friend of mine says "time to stop writing about it, and start doing it."

Ok, that's done with. Now I can move on... on too a nice dark steaming cup of San Agustin coffee. OH LOOK there's one not five inches from my hand. What a happy coincidence, as Jane Austen would say if she were here..

I did a graphics project yesterday and have entered it into an international contest. If I get some recognition it'll be pretty cool, cause I used one of Greg's pieces in the project. Don't get me wrong I know I'm not a Noah Grey when it comes to graphics, but what they were looking for was the idea that was submitted. They asked for the submissions to be "sketched" but I did mine up on disk so that it would give a more concise view of what I was trying to accomplish. Cross your fingers for me... I need some fame and a little fortune wouldn't hurt at this point either.

Remember yesterday I mentioned that my cat licked my testicles?... Well she topped that yesterday. I'm chatting her up while she's sitting on a big stack of my laundry last night, and I notice her sorta quivering all the while looking me in the eyes. Suddenly I lunge at her screaming "you little bitch your gonna get a poke in the ass if your pissing on my clothes". And YES she was "squirting" into my dirty laundry. Man I tell ya, she's cruising these days. So cute, but SO bad she is. The worse part was that she missed the laundry and ended up pissing along the top of the heat register... rotten cat. But she'll do something like that and then just come over and snuggle with me after. I KNOW I should give her heck or something... but that face. If it weren't for that face of hers I could. She's such a freak. Speaking of which... I was in my room last night and I could hear Daria explaining a foreign film to the other cat. And not just the basics, but we're talking symbolism, character development and cinematography. I was snickering into my pillow, as it was just so funny, funny in a "ain't you cute" sorta way.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Shane this week. I need a break that's just mine. No agenda, no expectations, and no schedule. Just me and a couple dozen beers... oh yeah and one slutty old friend. :)

Have you ever noticed how many people will have websites, diaries, etc and not use their own name... yet will post pictures and the full names of others? I'd kill someone for doing that I swear. I did give another diarist  permission to post a pic of me on their site though. But this person has permission so NP. But could you imagine... that's just so nasty and egocentric.

I remember once reading on a gay bulletin board about how some guy was looking for his b/f from high school. He posted his name as something like "" sorta deal. But the guy he was looking for, he posted his full and complete story, full name and a picture of him. He also went on and on about how closeted the guy was and how his family would disinherit him if they found out he was gay. *shaking head* Yeesh, this is just becoming a regular bitch-fest isn't it?

Guess I'd best head out and get my last few things done here. Or I'll start tearing around and smashing the place up a bit... you know, my rendition of the temperamental rock star (I have no idea what that means).


I love you

Feed my cats and water my plants would you?

See you in a week.

OOOOOH. Go HERE. This site is way too funny.

PS: Rayne... "my buns don't feel nothing like steel" is from Clueless.

PPS: Meg... my belated thanks for the Duchovny TV mail. In my pea-brain I thought I'd thanked you officially but I was wrong... *hanging head in shame*


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