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June 22nd

I really haven't been giving the journal much time lately, seem to sit down and update from memory every few days or so. Just been busy, had lots on my mind, and a bit queasy (still have residual flu symptoms).

Today Greg and I were supposed to be heading out to see that band that we'd talked about. But I felt like complete shit, and looked not as good as I felt, so I gave him a sheepish rain check. Afterall it was me that had insisted yesterday that we go, as the tickets were a gift and I didn't want the guy to think that we didn't appreciate it. So basically I drill into him that we are going and then I jam on him. Well I was initially gonna go, but then Femme Fatale showed up at the store so I was off the hook. I was actually glad that he found someone as I just WAS NOT up to being engaging or cute in the least. And tragic can only pass for cute after at least 6 drinks or more, and no matter how convincing you are it never lasts for long.

What I didn't tell Greg was that I had actually rented vids the night before when I was heading home from his house, so in essence I was looking forward to a night in front of the TV with a bottle of Coke Classic.

Kinda nice thing... I had my first real ICQ chat with Me-7 tonight. She showed me a few gifs of "family" and her "environment", so that was kinda cool. Its funny though how your opinion of people starts taking shape the more you know about them, and yes that includes seeing their furniture. I'm almost tempted to speculate as to whether or not she may be just a teensy weensy bit of a yuppie, but I wouldn't dare say that out loud. Too much "good ol' girl" in there to be a complete yuppie. We chatted until it was time for me to get my ass onto the couch so I could finish my movies before they were due. So as I left I posted my ICQ away message as the following... "SPICEWORLD, back in a couple of hours".

Yes, I finally succumb to the pressures of Spiceworld. And ja know what? I LIKED IT!!! Despite Rachel's warning to keep away, and Me-7's dire predictions... I just had to look. What can I say... so officially the rest of today's entry will be dedicated to, in reference to, or will somehow glorify SPICEWORLD. So if tacky pop culture offends you then I suggest you turn away now, as eurotrash is here to stay.

So basically I've always hated the Spicegirls for the following reasons.

  • They're tacky.
  • They sing tacky pop songs.
  • They are all tits and ass.
  • Their ability to influence so many young women between the ages of 6-12years old and not in what I figured was the most positive manner.
  • They make a hell of alot more money than I do.
  • They live in London. (not sure why that would matter, but it does).

My previous preconceived notions on the SpiceGirls were as follows.

  • They were blatantly sexual, not a bad thing... but if your daughter was 6 would you want her idealizing them?
  • That Posh Spice was actually attractive and graceful.
  • That Scary Spice was a bitch and had hideous clothes.
  • That Ginger Spice was a bit "chunky".
  • That Baby Spice was highly overrated.
  • That Sporty Spice was dyke.
  • That the movie would be absolutely hideous, much worse a fate than seeing Mr.Bean in the theatres.

Now that I've watched the show my notions are as follows (can't do this as a list so I'm just gonna talk it through btw).

Initially I was thinking as the movie played that it would be just horrible, that they would lose the Spicegirls in all the extraneous characters that never really seemed to be explained. I mean you'd be watching the Tacky Pop Culture Goddesses, and then suddenly they'd switch to the male characters and you'd be going "who you?", and neither me or Daria could figure out just who in the hell anyone was... besides the Fab Five that is.

But I found the Spicegirls to be weaving a web of intrigue, and slowly (and yes it took some doing) I found myself being seduced by them. They were cute to look at, they had a certain presence that was kinda nice in that they seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves and seemed to have alot of fun together. They were relaxed and despite the obvious playing up of their Spice adjectives, seemed like they weren't acting, but rather were just hanging out together.

I started to look at it more and more from the viewpoint of the intended audience, that being young girls. And I started to realize just how despite the fact that they were in constant states of undress they weren't behaving as sexual beings or portraying a particularly sexual persona. They would hug alot and hold hands, and talk about the value of friendship and commitment, etc. It was a huge glorified female buddy picture, but no one had an abortion, got beaten up, or was addicted to crack. So that in its self was kinda refreshing. The costumes were bright, colorful, and fun. The sets were imaginative and well designed. The dialogue wasn't deep and the storyline wasn't taxing... all this and they sang to. And believe it or not I actually enjoyed the music. I wouldn't buy the CDs mind you, but in the context of the movie the songs were actually a nice continuation of the theme. It was a feel-good little movie about a bunch of friends and although it SHOULDN'T win any awards it was actually quite cute, sweet, fun, and yes... if I had a daughter I'd totally buy it for her.


Now onto the Spice Girls themselves...

Posh has got to be just about the klutzy non entity I've EVER seen. She has absolutely no presence, grace, or style. Sure honey you got long legs, but if you can't walk a straight line they won't do you much good will they? Totally reminded me of the kid from the Partridge family... you know the tambourine banger. Now what was her name again.... Donna? Sharon? Karen?

Ginger is just too cute for words, she's got that sexy sorta chubby Monroe thing going on, and I think a body image that is still sorely lacking (in representation)... and she's not even that big a gal either (I guess compared to that beanpole Sporty its just more obvious). But yeah, I'd def be Ginger if I was a Spice Girl.

Baby is cuter than I'd thought she was, but she's just trailing Posh as being relatively inconsequential in nature. The thing that saved her was she had presence and she actually can sing... somewhat.

Sporty, if you aren't a dyke, then I'm straight. But man can you move. And I'm liking you almost most cause you don't wag your tits all over the place. If any of the Spice Girls could wage a solo career it would def be Sporty.

Scary... YOU ROCK!!! Beautiful one minute, sexy the next, throw in those glasses that make you look oh so intelligent and you are all that AND the bag of chips. The Astronaut look totally made me wet, and YES she has the best costumes of all of them. She was by far the strongest stage presence and again, she was just fun, fun, fun.

So to summarize... give me a film editing machine, let me cut out ALL the male actors (not including the bus driver), add in an additional half hour of Spice Girls stock footage, and I'd THEN watch it a second time. But of course I'd take my niece with me this time, cause I think she'd love it.

I'm still not buying the CDs, but I can no longer sign guestbooks with "Spice Girls Suck", as I have seen the light and its shining out of Scary Spice's eyes, then bouncing off of Ginger's hair, to highlight Emma's Seka blonde highlights, illuminating Sporty in her entirety, then following painfully short of Posh's all too high heels.

I shall henceforth lovingly refer to myself as Old Spice. :)


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