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August 21st

Wow so people are still checking... I'm flattered. I looked at my stats for the first time in probably two weeks and saw that I'd actually had a lot of hits yesterday. I wasn't checking because I was curious. It was more like taking the final look at a sick animal as it heaves one last breath. You know the moment, the one right before some ugly, mean-spirited, muddy kid comes along with a stick and jabs it to see if it flinches. Well kids, this journal won't flinch. Its pretty much dying. Well Ok, so I say that alot. But I don't know. I don't like writing here right now. I don't enjoy the vulnereability, I'm sick of being honest. I hate the intrusions. Oh what's that James... ahhhh k, yer just feeling sorry for yourself. Well that's nothing new. Should we just sit back and wait it out?... Yes you say? Ok... we'll give you all the time you need. You look tired btw, maybe you should have a nap... here, borrow my Zoloft. Take two, you need them.

PS: Second Cup... Tuesday after work... I'll be wearing a "hello my name is Satan" T-shirt. Can you come? E-me. Actually how's Monday... I have the house to myself. I'll try to seduce you. =P


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