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June 21st... a photo essay with interjected text.

Today Greg and I went HERE. I of course loved it. It was like seeing a two hour version of the TV series, where you feel fulfilled but yet walk out not entirely sure what took place. Yet because they convince you that you SHOULD know, you somehow convince yourself you understood it in its entirety. And of course all your friends fake an understanding as well so you don't question them either. Not sure how well a non-Xphile would've enjoyed it, and can you believe in two hours NOT ONE chest shot, or even a token stomach shot of Mr. Duchovny. I paid my eight bucks, I deserve that much. The anticipated kiss was kinda funny as the whole theater was holding its breath in collective anticipation, but I'm not giving it away so go see it yourself. Not so sure how well Chris Carter's signature "dark filming" translates onto the big screen, but some of those long landscape shots were pretty amazing to say the least. He does have a gift for juxtaposing extremes, in this it would be the desserts and then the snow. Except if I must ask one question of him it would be this.... who in the hell gave Scully pants after Mulder rescued her? HUH HUH HUH WHO??? I'm a stickler for details and to me that was a glaring flaw. But hey I loved it, and if you love X... then baby you'll love this. Greg thinks I'm creepy cause I totally get a hard-on for assistant director Skinner. What can I say, he's a Dream Nerd. :)

Today I cancelled my order for THIS, as I found out the woman that was supposed to have ordered it almost two months ago never did. So instead I'm going to the competition and can't decide if I'm gonna buy THIS or THIS. I feel decadent, so probably I'll buy both. But eventually I'll have THIS in my bedroom, I did tell you ages ago I was pretentious didn't I? If you wanna see more... go HERE.

PS: I slept in really late this morn and it was WAY past check out time before I got a chance to phone Greg back to wish him a bon voyage... but he phoned me from a truck stop several hundred miles away. Apparently he'd left pretty early so I successfully coulda lied and claimed that he'd left before I phoned. Not sure why this warrants a PS but it does. I'm outtie...


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