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June 20th

So Daria continues on the quest to convince herself that the ex is now "fixed". I don't even have words for it. Ummm, ok so maybe a few quick ones. I mention if she's planning on going back to see him or not and she says "of course, eventually." So I ask innocently enough "any chance you'd ever invite him up here for a visit, you know so you can get to know the new him on your turf?" Her response ensured that I will no longer listen to anything she says about these people she knows... "oh god no, he could NEVER stay in a place like this." I mean fuck, like really... how obnoxious is that? She says shit like this all the time, "oh my mom can just barely tolerate this apartment, its so beneath her". etc etc etc. Like really now, this is a nice place. Its not a rat trap, its got no bugs, its newly reno'd, sometimes that girl is just soooo unaware if how rude she is.


So last night I finally get hold of Greg (journal reader) and we agree to meet at his hotel and go for the long awaited beer and a bite to eat. (I'm writing this days later btw, as everytime I've sat down write someone or something insists on bugging me and interrupting me continuously... so here goes) He phones and leaves me a message, and I then phone to leave him a message. I then phone back a bit later and VOILA the infamous Greg is finally out of the shower.... just to give you a visual. So we agree that I'll head over to his hotel and phone him from the lobby, and he'll just come down to meet me.

I tell Greg where I'm going and then feel kinda bad, as I know he was expecting to come. But I don't know, it just feels odd having him along. If we'd already met for a bit, and then were meeting up with him later, then I wouldn't mind. But a first meeting I believe should really be one on one. So anyway I head out and Shandra, the b/f, and his friend are all intrigued about this and are dying to know just where I'm going and how do I know this guy... they all of course have to tell me that he's no doubt a freak, etc. I casually explain to them "well DUH. Of course he is, that's just a given." Greg (b/f) then starts telling them about my other website and then they really get their mouths flapping and start to lose control and are barraging me with questions. Thankfully Greg finally just pushes me out the door and says "Go or you'll never get out alive."

So I get to the hotel and am sitting in the lobby waiting for him to come down, and ummm.... he did. First thing I notice is that he's actually a bit cuter than I'd thought he was, I'd seen a photo and he was cute... but in RL he was a different cute than in the photo. He was (and I mean this in the best way) what me and one of my friends used to refer to as a "dream nerd". Basically a dream nerd is someone who looks intelligent but yet attractive, usually with a somewhat receding hairline and glasses. I know that my friend woulda thrown himself in Greg's lap and woulda begged him to keep him.

It was much like meeting with Liz in that it was instant comfortability, for me at least, and we just basically headed out with the purpose of finding a restaurant/pub. We talked all the way there and had a really good time over the meal and the beer. He was drinking wine btw, not that its relevant really. We spent about two hours talking and goofing around, and then leisurely strolled back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel there was that moment of "Ok, so you asking me up or not?" He did, and I said yes. We drank coffee, listened to the radio and killed time as we both are the perfect nite owls so neither one of us was going anywhere (sleep) anytime soon. We discussed everything from journalling, and yes we discussed the other journallers, and the finer (and not so fine) points of everyone's writings. That did feel a bit weird though to be discussing in real life all the stuff that is usually reserved for online. It was cool, but yet I kept thinking that I must be betraying some sort of trust... despite the fact that we keep our journals as publicly accessible mediums it still was a bit odd.

Eventually it was pretty late, I was feeling the full effects of my flu, and knew I only had a few hours till I had to head out to work for the morning. We'd arrived at the restaurant shortly after 11pm so that gives you a basic idea of what timelines we were functioning under. I'm not sure if I asked or if I just stated that I was crashing for a few hours before I had to be at work. But by that point I do think we were past the point of it being an issue, it was pretty relaxed and it felt like an entirely comfy situation, so I wasn't horribly concerned he'd take this the wrong way or anything like that. Basically that was it, I slept for a few hours, then dragged my sorry ass into work and felt like shit all day today. Now I'm home and am gonna crawl into bed and sleep for about 24 hours and lament about how sick I am. Double beds btw, just in case your minds were in the gutter (Me_7). *snicker*

I'm glad we met, as we definitely did connect and had several good laughs and even did a bit of introspection. I think it was a different kind of meeting though. Knowing that this could be a one time thing we just dove in and it felt like picking up where we'd left off... cept of course we'd never left off anywhere as we'd never met before. Did that make sense? We did have the luxury of an evening though, so we were able to just hang out without feeling rushed so that I'm sure made a huge diff. He claimed I was easygoing and funny... I'm gonna take his word for it. Except he did make me promise that I have to now start consistently responding to Emails instead of sending one for every five I receive. Damn, I knew there'd be a downside to this thing afterall. :)

So this means two down, and one to go.... you know who you are, in a matter of speaking I'm trying for a hat trick. :)

PS: This also means that if Liz comes back to survey again next year, then she's not getting off with just a coffee... nosirree, she's getting dragged out for a beer and a meal this time. I think a warning 12 months in advance should suffice don't you? :)


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