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June 19th

So I could update on how I've met Greg in RL (journal reader not b/f), but ummm, I haven't met him yet so any thing I said would be a lie. A well-meaning lie but a lie regardless. He phoned me not so long ago and he's still about three hours away. So basically I'm heading over to Greg's (b/f) and gonna have supper with Shandra, her new b/f, his friend, and Greg. Greg is hoping that tonight's the night that the new b/f will actually take the bait and buy one of his paintings. Shandra has been told that if she dumps him before he buys a painting then she is risking a fate worth than death. That fate of course being two itchy homos would could make her life hell, I'm telling ya... no more lip gloss tips for Shandra.


Daria has been in touch with her ex-b/f, the guy that treated her bad, obsessed on her, and basically had her packing her bags in the middle of the night to get away. Now suddenly he's all that, and is such a different guy. She keeps saying she's not sure where it'll end up, but its so obvious.... hmmm, live on the prairies and work on commercials OR live in LA and hang out with celebrities and date someone that's on the "in". Yeah Daria, rough decision.

She keeps telling me about all his good traits and I feel obligated to remind her of all the other stuff she's told me about him. She just goes "oh he's changed, he writes poetry now"... So I of course try to offer her some advice about how a psycho ex can ALWAYS convince you that they've changed, except they never do. I tried to use Dan as an example, and she flips out "Don't EVER compare him to my ex." So I try and explain I'm not comparing them I'm comparing the fact that Dan, after we broke up, came across as the finest catch this side of the equator... but in the long run he was the same prick he'd been before. So instead of moving on with my life, I just put it on hold for him a second time and came out feeling even more abused than I'd felt the first time I was with him. Apparently she doesn't want this, she wants me to make moo eyes and swoon along with her over the fact that he writes songs about her. WHATEVER.

All it comes down to is that she's not happy here, and if she took him back then she could live in LA, attend Hollywood parties, and hang out with Prince (I'm not kidding - her ex is friends with Prince). So if she can get him to a semi bearable space, in her mind, then she could easily live the life without having to work her way up to the top. His connections would start her on her career a gazillion notches above where she currently is. A total Hollywood marriage, but if she can look at herself every morning then more power to her. I couldn't, but that's me.


Greg and I have tickets to the Jazz Festival on Monday night, apparently we are going to see the band "Greazy Meal"... not sure how much I'm looking forward to it, but hey baby the tickets were free so I'm there. Shandra's b/f gave them to us. OOOOH did I tell you? We found out just where all his money comes from. He's from a family of REALLY old money, one of the major real estate holders in this city. He's the type of guy that could totally change her life, she really doesn't understand what's staring her in the face. But yet he's such a sweet and truly non pretentious guy. So its weird looking at him and knowing he's worth a small fortune, as he's the type of guy you'd expect to see swilling a beer and dropping a few bucks in the slots.

Guess what else... Rodin's entire portfolio is currently on display in Quebec city and we have tentative plans to fly out there for a weekend to see it. One of Greg's childhood friends lives there so all we'd have to worry about is the plane fare. We've been joking about how Greg is going to end up on the cover of LIFE magazine, as he's seen darting past lasers, security guards, and museum goers to throw his naked body against "the Thinker". I thought I was gonna wet myself when he mimicked the sound his naked butt would make as it hit the cold concrete floor as the cops shackled him and dragged him away. Of course all this time he'd be screaming "don't look at the art, look at ME!!!"


My flu feels much worse... *hack*cough*sniffle*


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