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June 18th

So I followed Rachel's link to the Spice Girl Quiz and apparently I'm too am most like Scary Spice. I really wanted, and I mean really really wanted to be Ginger... she did afterall have the good sense to leave the band.


Today I phoned in sick to work, I had some time to flex and really wasn't up to going in for the remainder of the shift (3 hours). So basically it counts as a whole day and the time that I was going to flex has been lost in the swirling vortex that is my job, never to be seen from or heard from again. Goodbye sweet five hours, you'll be missed. I will think of you often and miss you terribly.


I was halfway through writing this and I fell asleep... ok, so I talked on the phone for about two hours and then surfed the net for about 3 and THEN fell asleep. But its all the same...

My friend Alice phoned me last night to inform me of all the shit that is happening at her job. It just sounds awful, she's gone head to head with one of the "cooler" guys, read juvenile guys, and he's making her life hell. Fortunately he's asked for a transfer to another department, so there is hope for her yet.

We used to work together at the place where she still works, so we were reminiscing about how our attitudes have changed as we aged. How now we've become the "by the book" and "sticklers for detail" that we so hated when we were working frontline. How our attitudes have changed, and how we are now less tolerant of the people who cut corners and don't pay close attention to the detail of the work they are doing there.

I believe that the work we do requires a certain sensitivity that if you don't have it, then you can't learn it. You can watch certain people working in the field and see the situations that can erupt you know its just a matter of time till the things that are concerns can become a reality. That is what she's dealing with right now, she's trying to prevent possible situations from occurring that are inevitable and she's not getting adequate support from her supervisor, as well as becoming alienated by her co-workers. Umm, and that sucks.


Lets see, what else... I've added Me-7 to my ICQ list, and tomorrow is the day that I'll meet up with Greg in RL. I'm really looking forward to this, but yet I do have my apprehensions. I think I'm more conscious of my own insecurities around how someone that I know online will perceive me in RL. Not hugely mind you, but on some level its still a vulnerability that I'm not entirely comfortable with. Its kinda like a blind date in someway. You know that someone has preconceived notions about you, as do you about them. Its just a matter of seeing if the two of you live up to each other's expectations. As I age I learn that anticipation is key, or should I say a lack of anticipation is key. The less you expect, the more fulfilled you'll be.

If I start expecting something I'm always disappointed as I start to guide the situation before I ever even get there. This way I just let it guide me and then I'm more apt to enjoy that person for the short time we have together..

WHOOOOAAA, holy hail Batman!!!! You should see what's happening outside my bedroom window.

I've about beaten this topic to death so I'm ending it now... laters.


I just got off the phone with a friend and she's been telling me about her mother. Apparently her mother believes that she is the chosen one and plans on leading "her" people out of Israel next year. So next time you think YOU have problems, just think of her.


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