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July 17th

*** beautiful stranger, why do walk with your head held low?***


Well it still looks hot out there. I had to leave the confines of my room at around 7am to get smokes. I felt like some sort of nouveau vampire as the first light of day was burning out my retinas. I sorta slinked into the store and then scurried home only to have one of those oh so lovely fitful sweaty sleeps that leaves you sitting up and exclaiming "AURGH!!!" sporadically. Yes my life is nothing but glamour and thrills. I feel bad for Daria, as I must be emitting those horrid medicinal body odors that sick people exude like cheap stock cologne.

We watched Palmetto this afternoon and then spent a couple of hours discussing the joys of documentaries and French film. Can you believe that we didn't disagree at all. We differed in our observations, but we actually were able to discuss them without stepping on each other's toes. This must be at least one of the signs of the Apocalypse... Daria and James not fighting while discussing the Arts. Start digging your bomb shelters now kids.

She's pretty much made up her mind to go back to LA and back to the ex B/F. But I think she's gonna be here for at least another 3 months or so... so that's OK I guess. At least I don't have to start fretting over the rent quite yet. Now that's a pretty picture isn't it? Me fretting. I'm envisioning a large sun hat on a patio drinking mint julips while I wring out a linen hankie continuously, all the while furrowing my brow and muttering such things as "oh heavens, oh dear, my my my..." (my hand fluttering to my face like a broken winged bird). OR... wearing nothing but a pair of jean shorts sitting in a hot kitchen (the air conditioner is broken and a bare bulb swings on a chain over the table) swilling from a bottle of JD, bathed in sweat, uncombed hair, and an overflowing ashtray... getting up long enough to go to the door and holler into the street "Good riddance, I don't need you, I don't need ANYONE!!!!". Naturally I have to slam the door and then return to my den of filth only to fall asleep on the couch in some most unflattering position all the while clutching onto my bottle of JD... (insert guitar riff here).

Greg's housepest has had it, he's returning to the Vaterland on Sunday. That's unfortunate as he's leaving cause of his loss of  faith in humanity. Tragic eh? *snicker* But he was sweet and I had hoped to get to know him better, or at least see   him naked once before he left. Actually I was more interested in having him as a roommate to be honest. But oh well. He leaves on Sunday morning.... AND Shandra is gone until MONDAY!!!!! You do know what this means don't you? YEP!!! SEX!!! We're gonna start out in the living room and see where we end up. =P

Speaking of that sweet sweet man... he just phoned to say that he has beer AND a fan at his house... so I must run, not walk, to his house and drink his beer and  lay naked in front of his fan.

PS: Have you noticed my quotes seldom ever relate in even the slightest to my Journal entries?


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