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June 17th (transcribed)

Last night was kinda fun afterall. After bitching Greg out because I wanted to play pool and him feigning exhaustion to get out of it, we finally settled on pinball and pacman instead. I'm sure every city has one but here we have one of those multiplexes that has a pinball arcade, internet cafe, restaurant, and pool hall attached to the theatres. So we spent the token five dollars on Pacman and then grabbed a quick three games of pool, he kicked my ass btw, and a beer before settling on a movie for the evening.

Much to my surprise Greg was thoroughly pushing for me to see Hope Floats with him. Initially I'd really wanted to see it but due to a few scathing reviews I'd mellowed on the idea somewhat. A movie like Hope Floats is what Greg refers to as a "James Movie" AKA "a chick flick. No sooner had we sat down than three of the biggest hairdos in the theatre sat in front of us, that pretty much said it all.

Usually Greg isn't one for romance movies, but we've always agreed upon just how desirable Sandra Bullock is as an actress and a cash cow. I can't think of a time recently that I've been more pleasantly surprised by a movie. I really wasn't expecting much, but the acting, writing... you name it, was enjoyable from the first few minutes right through until the end of the picture. Boys this is a definite date flick.... *wink* Even Greg kept stating afterwards about how much he'd enjoyed it. You all know I'm not much into the female form, but I tell ya... that Sandra Bullock could turn a gay boy straight faster than even Mr. Duchovny could make a straight boy go queer. And THAT my friends is not something I'd say about every woman.

So Greg, journal reader not b/f, has been keeping me informed of his ensuing move and relocation due to his fab new job. I'd mailed him recently, as he'd mentioned that he'd be "passing over" my fair city in the direct future on his way to the states. Long story short, he's stopping overnight at a local hotel and I've E'd him my phone number and I believe we will be meeting up for a coffee and/or a beer in the next few days. We haven't thoroughly confirmed it, but as far as I know its "understood" thus far that we will.

Its weird to imagine that in less than two weeks I'll have met two of my regular readers. And in all honesty two of the people that I never figured I probably would have ever met, due to mere geographical distance alone. In many ways it makes what I do here more real. I won't say it validates it by any means, but it does somehow make it more consequential, not only for myself but for those I'm in regular contact with as well. It reminds me that everyone has face, voices, mannerisms, and emotions... no longer are they just words on a web page or are they defined by responses to Email.

This whole thing has actually been a good thing for me, as despite the fact that I keep a journal online, I can be very callous and unthinking towards those I know online. This somehow, for me at least, keeps the human element in the foreground. I can no longer hide behind my own anonyminity and feel that security of being untouchable.

PS: My roommate keeps coming in and "peeking" her face around my screen, but her irrational fear of the webcam presents her from getting a really good look at this.

PPS: Can you believe that she actually changed the cat box the other day? She's filled it so high that I now lovingly refer to it as "the quicksand toilet", as the girls sink so low while doing "their business" that I fear I may lose them for good. Sure it looks cute, but its a HUGE waste of kitty litter.

PPPS: Rachel, I don't think it was overstepping in the least... I was pleased you asked me and think your selection for today's pic was impeccable. :)


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