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July 16th

So today was a total write-off. I kept looking out of my darkened room and thinking "my, my, my it looks hot out there." I never actually found out if it was hot, but Daria came home with a farmer's tan so that is an indication that yes it was hot out there.

I'm sick... *hack*cough*gag*. And yes I expect ALOT of sympathy. This "bug" I picked up on the coast is ravaging my tender, although lovingly plump, frame to the point of feeling certain that my eyelids hurt (I stole that line off of D.Letterman show the other night). Greg is being most attentive to my needs, he's just doing it over the phone that's all.

He's being a bit of a freak lately as he keeps making every conversation sexual. Mostly because we haven't had sex lately I guess. It doesn't turn me on particularly, but I pretend to get all excited so that he in turn can stop me in my tracks... he then gets to walk around all day thinking he "got me" and I get the satisfaction of knowing that I made my boyfriend feel good. And maybe even gave him a chubber, who knows.

Elizabeth updated today... WOO-HOO. I was just about to E-mail her ass and tell her to put fingers to key, but she beat me to it. Actually I'm not that pushy, but sometimes I like to envision myself as having this pushy bitch side to me. Hey if it helps me sleep at night then really its my business don't you think?

I'm re-reading Mansfield Park right now. Poor, poor Fanny Price... such a tragic thing. *sigh*

Speaking of travesty... I rented Good Will Hunting. Or is that "Hunting Will Down and Hitting Him With a Big Stick". I don't know, it just didn't work for me. Too much contrived dialogue and predictable outcomes to a story that is anything but new. Don't get me wrong I did "well up" a few times, but that was in response to the formula interspersing of tear-jerking moments.

It's kinda funny in how you can take the vision of the fucked up kid from the wrong side of the tracks and make it into a movie that everyone can empathize with and yearn for. Yet if 99% of the people who are gonna run out and buy this movie were to know Will Hunting in RL... he'd just be another fucked up loser with issues. That to me is the real irony of a movie like this. And I'm sorry, but that closing scene of that car   driving off into the unknown... *GAG*. I'm sure that had to be Matt Damon's doing and not Ben Affleck's.

When it ended Daria looks at me all misty eyed and says "is that not the best written screenplay you've ever seen". I thought to myself "actually honey, I only watched the movie, I've yet to see the screenplay". Me thinks that she is too quick to buy into what Hollywood says about its own. Now Chasing Amy and Six Degrees of Separation... that was brilliant writing. IMHO. And Ben Affleck is a god, so that definitely saved it to a large degree.

One last note... Robin Williams does rock, but isn't the whole image of the teddy bear counselor getting old? I audibly groaned when he entered the one scene wearing the green cable knit cardigan.... "oh look a therapist in a cardigan... never seen that before, have you?"

I know it got shitty reviews but next up is Palmetto. I have a thing for Gina Gershon. She again is one of those women that can make a gay boy go straight.

Oh yeah, for those of you that don't know yet... Noah and Jaeyde have both started online journals, if you get the time stop by and have a peek at them. Just watch your hands before you go mucking around their homepages... I won't have my friends being mussed up by the likes of you. =P

PS: Yer postcards are in the mail... and one bottle was indeed tossed into the ocean, and littering is not my most admirable trait so def appreciate that action.

PPS: Daria is going to see a psychic tomorrow and keeps hassling me to read her cards, she just dropped a natal chart in my lap and asked me to define it for her. She recently has started thinking of me as some sort of spiritual medium because I did a handwriting analysis from her "dream journal" the other night. She'll get past it, they always do.


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