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June 16th 5:24pm

I finally got some keys cut. This morning I woke up and Daria had already left the house for work. I strolled around in my undies and poked about till it finally dawned on me that I was "locked in" the house, as she'd taken her keys. So I had to wait around till almost suppertime for her to come home so I could steal her keys and get copies made. But don't worry I now can come and go as freely as I want, not that I've actually left the house mind you, but DAMNIT if I wanna leave I can.

I talked to Jason on the phone for almost an hour this afternoon which was kinda nice. We've not seen much of each other lately so it was a welcome change. He's given me access to all the accounts on his chat server so I can maintain them for him, till he gets settled after his move. It was nice in that I use his server the least, but he told me I was the only person he felt he could trust with such information. I felt kinda honored to hear that.

Tonight is the night... Greg and I are playing pool or I'm gonna have to have him killed. I warned him earlier in the week that I needed billiards, he's agreed under penalty of death to meet my demands. I'm holding his libido hostage till he comes clean on that promise.

Me-7 uploaded a sample of her handwriting recently and I took the liberty of analyzing it. Yet one more of my hidden talents... I used to study graphology years back. She claims I hit it on the mark, so that pleased me. I once analyzed Jason's handwriting and he got really pissed off at me and claimed it was total bullshit. One of the few times I've seen him genuinely lose it btw.

I noticed the name James Patric in Lohengryn's diary the other day and sorta was taken aback. I read the name and then totally paused while I attempted to figure out just who in the hell was James Patric and why did the name seem familiar. Journal reader... no. Email buddy... no. Diary-L freak... maybe. OH THAT'S RIGHT... its me. I actually had to follow the link to figure out just who it was. Shows how incredibly vacuous I am. :)

Call me selfish, but now Liz is back in the states I want her to update, I'm missing her journal big time.

Greg just bought the new CDs by Crystal Method and Tricky,  saves me the thirty-five bucks and that pleases me immensely.

Have you noticed that today's entry has absolutely no theme with which to connect all these random paragraphs? I have.

Off for a bath.. and then out for pool and hopefully sex. I can live without the sex but someone will die if I don't get to play pool.

PS: It looks like I may be getting to dip my toes in the ocean afterall. I'll be going to the coast sometime in July for a week, I'm really looking forward to it.

PPS: Damnit is NOT in my spellcheck, but DAMNIT is. Hmmm....


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