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June 15th

Loooong day. I've actually been locked out of my house since Friday, and have been at Greg's the whole time or at work. Today was no exception. I woke up at 7 and was at work by 8 and left at 4. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Most people love days, I hate them. I hate them because I'm seldom in bed before 2AM or later.

Daria was going to be at work all day, as she was working a double... but I knew that she wouldn't be available to give me her keys until around 7pm. So I went to the dollar cinema to see Scream2 as that would take me until 6 and then another hour on the bus and I'd be right on time.

I get into the movie and the credits roll. I fall asleep and wake up to see the credits rolling still. I realize I've just paid two dollars to have a two hour nap and I tell ya baby, it was worth every penny. So I compose my self and buy some gum as I now have morning breath... ICK, take the train to Daria's work and beg for the keys. She informs me that she's leaving in about twenty minutes so why don't I just wait and catch a ride home with her. I excitedly agree as I've traveled across town to get to her work and wasn't looking forward to yet another bus ride (AKA the bane of my life that is public transit) home. I head over to a nearby mall to grab a coffee and wait out my twenty minutes.... an hour later we are finally getting into her car and heading home.

She drops me off, I clean up her mess, she goes out, and here I am. I love you computer... I've missed you. Have you missed me?

I'm going to bed... I've earned a Duchovny dream.


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