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July 14th

Man am I happy to be home. I'm sooooo happy. I came in laid on my bed, poured a hot bath, and swallowed enough Tylenol to medicate a small army. I missed Greg, I missed the net, I missed my cats, and every other tedious drivelous little thing that makes my world turn. It may not be much but it's all mine baby.

I'm glad I had this break, glad in so many ways. Yet I was definitely ready to come a few days ago. I mean really now I love the coast, I love the ocean, the sound of boats, the waves lapping outside my balcony window, etc, etc, etc... but them damned ferry horns at 11PM and again at 7AM... that I can live without. The tourists that cluster together like bunches of grapes and spill out into the street long enough to stop traffic before stumbling off to the next attraction... that was annoying. The "I'm a tourist attraction" smiles from all the service staff within two miles of the harbor.. *GAG*. And the complete and total touristization of such a charming and picturesque town is rather shameful.

I know, I know... you're thinking, "Ahem James, weren't you technically a tourist." Well yes and no. Sure I didn't live there, but I am one of those few people that can tourist in the most non tourist manner. I "blend" in. Seriously I do. I don't carry a map, I familiarize myself with the modes and means of transportation before I leave my hotel, and I keep to the side of the sidewalk and I walk with purpose. I don't get a cluster of my ten best friends to stand up traffic in all directions so that I can get that "perfect" picture... nor do I stand around "gawking". I don't intrude, nor do I offend. HAHA you think... =P


So that was my "bitch session" now onto what I actually liked. The sun... I love you sweet sun. Come to James... come. I don't tan though, I glow. Seriously I get a pinky brown "halo" that lasts a few days and then "POOF(ter)" and it's gone. But it was nice to sit on a patio and just feel that heat radiating down. One thing I just love and that's the smell of a forearm in the sun. Sounds creepy I know... but you know the smell of sun on skin. When you've been out enough to sweat just a bit, and then the sun dries it and your arm smells of a "windy, sunny clean"... make sense? Not a sweaty BO, like the old men on the bus get... its more of a crisp clean smell. I can remember that smell from as early as my childhood, when adults would stand behind me and they place their arms around me and their forearms would sorta cross on my chest. Ok enough strolling down olfactory lane...

My first hotel was in a very gay district, so I was up to my lips in pride flags and nelly queens the whole time I was there. Not that that's a bad thing mind you, but I do find gay culture to be mostly shallow. At least the superficial gay culture that is, the gay culture that everyone sees. There's gotta be more to being gay than how much your shoes cost, who you fucked this week, and what label you're wearing. Oh that's right there is... what dance music do you listen to.

I was entertained by a rather nice "not-English" fellow. I kicked his ass at pool and he was my constant companion for the rest of the night. It was nice, to meet someone and just hang with them for such an extended period of time. If I must comment... he was a most handsome fellow and I was flattered that he found me attractive. I'm not above some sweet compliments, sometimes its nice to hear those things from someone new. But apparently he enjoyed my company, as he was somewhat in demand, yet he did stay with me. So either he's a great guy, or he's a total slut. =P

So after this I was also pursued by this Hispanic woman rather relentlessly. That I admit I found rather interesting. I've always thought that if I ever did date women, that I'd be more attracted towards Latino women. Well not thought I'd be attracted... I have been attracted. I won't try and decide whether its cultural or physical but she was really sweet and really quite sexy as well. Those were the two most prevalent options, but there were a few smaller and less consequential tramps to cross my path, but none of them merit mentioning.

The second city I stayed in was much smaller and really touristy, so I tried to spend as much time in out of the way cafes, and farther down the harbor away from the bustle and the bumbling. Apparently I lost my appeal here as no one hit on me here even slightly. The night clerk at hotel number two does NOT count. Those encounters are just a given when on holidays. But it was nice... tiring but nice.

I did give myself lots of uncluttered time. Time away from everyone and everything that complicates my life. Time to just let the thoughts drift in and out of my brain. Purging and cleansing you could call it. Just me, the waves, and a cup of barely legal content caffeine.

I got sick the day I was transferring cities and now I have this really deep sorta "croup" cough and am expelling things that human lungs can only create under extremes of infection. The housekeeper at hotel number two got the brunt of my headachy and muscle sore self. Meaning that she made the mistake of banging on my door too loudly at 8am, and in my rambling sleep deprived state I cussed her out through the door. I don't recall exactly what I said but I do know it ended with "how many fucking towels do I need? NOW GO AWAY!!!!" Not my fault they never thought to give me a Do Not Disturb sign.

I left the poor thing  a big tip though. Felt just like a rock star I did. Spew shit and abuse on everyone then give em some cash to appease my own conscious. Or is that too avoid a scandal?

But now that I'm home I'm finding that I'm missing the humidity there. I already notice my skin feels drier and my throat is "scratchier". I spent many hours gazing over the water and closing my eyes to listen to the surf. That I loved, and its something I always miss when I leave. All those men in various states of undress is a bit of a treat as well. I do agree that if you work out five days a week, then you owe it to yourself to stroll around in the shortest shorts you own. You earned it, and if I'm fortunate enough to spy you from my cafe table... *sigh* But now I'm back home in the land of the widened midriff and the pink skinned natives.

Be it ever so humble...

PS: If I mentioned that Me-7 saw my ass recently... would that pique your interest?


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