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June 12 7pm

Sometimes the simple acts of merely living just consume WAY too much of my time. Since about 4pm I've been on the phone, on hold, or fighting with techsupports and various people in billing departments. My cable company attempted to charge me an extra 145 dollars, my ISP charged me 100 dollars, and my utilities an extra 60 dollars, I kid you not. I don't often swear at staff, but today they all felt my wrath. The incompetence displayed and disorganization was phenomenal. The best thing I said was "enough of you, give me a supervisor". Sir I'm sorry but no supervisor is available. "well then honey you'd better fucking promote someone and fast, because you are getting really fucking old, really fucking fast." But hey, all my bills have been amended to where they should be, thank Christ. And no, I'm not one of those people that is always trying to get something for free either, but if I don't order Superchannel... you'd better not charge me for a three month subscription including installation. At one point the guy says "well I can deduct this month's fee, but you'll have to pay for the rest." I of course lost it yet once again and said "Hel-fuckin-Lo.... I didn't order it, you'll take it off completely." I can't do that sir. "Oh yes you can, just try... sometimes you'd be surprised at what you can accomplish when you really really apply yourself."

Speaking of not paying bills, this next one I am being a prick about and pushing my weight around. I bought my printer WAY back when. It was second hand and I bought it off an organization that I felt an affinity for and thought I was doing them somewhat of a favor as I bought it at what I considered to be a higher than going price. We'd agreed that everything would be complete, the software, fresh cartridges, etc. When I got it one of the printer cartridges was dried out and the drivers and the print software were missing. Not a huge deal as they let me deduct (begrudgingly) the price of a cartridge, and promised to mail me the CD. Well its months later and they still can't take the time to find the CD, and always respond "we'll get on that soon." In the meantime the price of buying it new has dropped drastically so that for me to buy it new would only be about 30 dollars more than I paid at the time. So needless to say I'm starting to get choked about the whole thing. Now they inform me they've lost my cheque. My attitude on the whole thing... Oh well. A cheque is like giving cash and if your incompetence goes beyond being able to locate the CD to the point of losing cash, then its not my problem. I checked into it and technically I don't have to replace the cheque. So I still haven't decided if I will or not, but with how annoyed I am and how dismissive they've been about meeting their part of the bargain. I DOUBT IT. I'm not a prick often, but at times I do believe its necessary and warranted.


At the moment I'm just killing time before work and ruminating about how annoying this has been. Yet I'm really not the least bit annoyed, surprisingly enough.


Greg phoned me today to inform me that a woman he works with, and sort of works under got liquored up last night and a business meeting they had in the bar. They were discussing something and she flipped out on him about how incompetent he was, and all his evil social tendencies around the company. None of which are warranted by the way. So this morning he walked in with his job description and had highlighted his responsibilities and hours and handed it to her along with his keys and all other additional props he'd been given in order to meet the additional responsibilities they've given him. He informed her that she will see him between the hours of 9-5 and that he'll be leaving the store for his lunch break everyday now between 12-1 (their busiest time) as per his job description. He also took what accounts to about 4 hours of paperwork a day and deposited it all in her "inbox" and informed her that he'd no longer be doing any of it "as per his job description". She was acting all embarrassed and apologetic and telling him how sorry she was and how she couldn't possibly make it up to him, etc. He agreed that yes she never could and I believe added the "and you forgot to mention what a c*nt you are (he never uses that word btw)". He then informed her that he'd be leaving soon and making every possible attempt to take with him every single account he can get his fingers on and that he would start working on this today. She's stressed out bigtime, as she knows that he could take at least thirty percent of their business, and that when asked why he was leaving he would tell the shareholders the truth. He was remarkably calm about the whole thing and I was incredibly pleased with how he did it. He takes so much shit from two of the people there that his departure is warranted, but will be felt by the company as he is the second highest for profits there.

Work beckons...


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