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June 11th

***Oh goodness, Rodion has his hands full with that one.***

Me: after reading Rachel's entry today.

That quote was of course meant in the best way. When the girl lets loose she goes for broke. I love it when people act contrary to what you expect from them, when they let loose and burn a flame trail across the net, digitally charring those that get in the way. Attagirl Rachel.

So Ex has an aunt Gladys, Me-7 continues to write amazing poetry, Rachel used a weight in her chest to bust a few cyber skulls, Rayne reminisces about whacko wanna-be boyfriends, Karen has less than 6 degrees of separation from Sharon Tate, and Rodion learns the finer points of love. I tell ya, today has been a good day for journals if I must say so myself. The pressure you kids put on me to come up with something of depth and introspection is truly criminal. Well kids... Uncle James is sooooo tired, but he'll start typing and see just what he can come up with regardless. You know that having nothing to say has yet to stop me...

I could tell you about the dirty dream I had about Kevin Spacey, or the incredibly tedious day I spent at the office, or the rain I was caught in, or the homeless guy that tried to pick food of my plate at lunch, or my losing a whopping ten dollars on the slots, or even all the knick knacks and bric a brac I bought at IKEA. But I'd really rather not, as the only thing I'm revisiting with any sense of accomplishment is the Kevin Spacey dream and that would prove to amuse only me. Wouldn't still be on my mind if it just wasn't so real. I begged my roommate to knock me unconscious after I awoke... I just HAD to find out how it ended. Daria has taken a rain cheque on the knocking me out thing though, and has told me to watch my back as I'll never know when its coming.

I finally watched The Matchmaker, tres cute little flick yet highly "jumbled" towards the last half hour. But regardless I'll watch anything with a Janeane cameo or more. She truly is one of the few actresses that I could watch hour upon hour of interviews with. Anyone with the ability to give cutting social satire will get my attention and loyalty everytime. And she's definitely one of the unsung queens of commentary. I always hated Joan Rivers, as I think she's just a gutter slut in a fur, but when I heard her refer to Janeane as a "pig" I was a definite enemy for life. I tell ya, the things I could do to her in a dark alley... first thing of course would be to flatten that teased hair about a foot then snap off those five inch heels. After that then I'd REALLY get nasty with the wench. Best crazy glue on those false eyelashes Joannie baby, James has your number and he's watching your house.

Movies du next jour (my illiterate French that means tomorrow) are The Hanging Garden and Ponette. Both have been on my list since I read the first reviews on them, so I'm anticipating this greatly. Reviews in the next entry and film at 11.

Ummm yeah, Ok... I think that about covers it.


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