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June 10th

Q: How do you get a recent Harvard grad into your bedroom?

A: You promise to show her your sexy new tables... or at least that's what I did.

So as you've guessed I met with Elizabeth today. What could I possibly say about her? Well... she's awfully darn sweet, and no not just sorta sweet, but really really sweet. Sweet and nice. She possesses a few of the traits that I've always found very attractive in people, namely self-effacing humor and a genuine nature. Either that or she's just really manipulative and  is good at portraying these things. :)

She stopped over, I showed her (of course) my painting, a few of Greg's pieces, and my new lamp. And of course I treated her to my semi incoherent babblings and subject hopping that I'm somewhat known for. I was highly sleep deprived so I'm gonna blame any perceived incoherencies on that. It was unfortunate in that we didn't get a great deal of time to just sit and talk as I would've liked. I had hoped to be able to sit for a couple of hours in the evening and just explore some various things with her. I think mostly journal related topics, etc and to have the freedom to just talk openly. When we talked on the phone Greg was in the room and then we only had about an hour maximum to visit before heading over to pick him up for lunch, and as many of you know he doesn't know about my journal etc so I did have to edit my language somewhat.

Whenever any of my "non" net friends in RL ask where and how we've met I casually said "oh you know, newsgroups, etc." They stare blankly and then I change the subject, best way to confuse someone is to use a familiar phrase that you know that don't know and convince them that they are the only ones who don't know it. The roommate on the other hand isn't as easily manipulated, she was asking specifics... sneaky thing that she is. But I wasn't easy to pin down, I just talked a few circles around her and in a dramatic flair and a flash of teeth... disappeared.

But the three of us went for a quick bite to eat before we sent her off to explore the less attractive elements of the province. She was supposed to be meeting up with my mother when she got to the next town, so I of course phoned my mom to inform her that she'd be calling tomorrow. At that point I discovered that mom had been sent out of town on a course till the end of the week and I felt quite disappointed as she would've been, hopefully, an important asset to Liz while there. But I did get a promise out of my mom's secretary to meet with her and give her any help she may need in regards to getting around, etc. But I know that mom would've dragged her over to the house and stuffed her full of Caesar salad and steak... or at least gotten her liquored up on cheap wine, and when you visit small towns you find that cheap wine is a definite staple in the diet. And on a more professional level I think mom would've been able to be alot more helpful to her, VS the lady who she'll be meeting with instead. She's darn sweet, but a tad on the "simple" side (the woman she's meeting with... not Liz). Not simple as in stupid, just a simpler person AKA not terribly "exposed".

But it was nice in that when she came to the apartment I found her to be a very "comfortable" person and she seemed to be at ease. She was nice to the cats and she had great shoes... I always notice shoes. :) As you know I'm not the most sociable person, but I didn't feel any reservations with her. It was casual and easygoing... did I say that already? But I do have a tendency to subject hop and babble when I'm a bit nervous so I may have showed those tendencies... OK, I know I did. I was glad that Greg liked her, he commented on her genuineness after she'd driven off and said that he really didn't know what to expect prior. He still has this concern that everyone on the net is a bit whacked out or perverted. So I of course assured him that she was both of these things and that her homepage was riddled with nudie self pics (not my fault if the rest of you haven't found the hidden links yet). :O

Ok, blah, blah, blah... to make a long story straight in a round about way... I liked her a lot. She's definitely one of those people that comes across in RL as everything that she seems to be online. So despite my initial apprensions about meeting someone in RL that I knew online it was pretty cool. Did I mention she thought I was much younger than I actually was, dare I say read immature? Ok one last thing and then I'm done, honest. We were discussing the differences between the US and Canada and I referred to the city that everyone thinks of as being our "sister city" and just what a cesspool of crime etc it is. We of course then had to refer to it as being the "ugly" sister. Liz looks up and says "Calgary, Calgary, Calgary", mimicked to the tune of "marcia, marcia, marcia". I thought it was pretty funny, or did you have to be there? :)


  Speaking of Greg... can I pick em, or can I pick em? Yesterday Greg informs me that he's accepted on offer to go into business with a few colleagues to open a high end design specialty store. Its a guaranteed success, almost foolproof and very profitable. So we were marveling about how he was gonna be a rich man and I'd remain a poor man etc. He of course kept mentioning how I'd have to learn to be a little less aggressive and become a subservient in exchange for his services as a sugar daddy, etc. I mock geisha's for him, but to little avail... I'm still a poor man btw. And then today when he phones me he tells me his parents gave him a "present", I'm thinking a shirt, maybe a pair of jeans, etc. They gave him their business... I could've dragged the punchline out but what's the point really. So in less than 24hours my loving, and I hope generous man, has gone from working for someone else to owning two companies. I'm definitely gonna have to start dressing up for him now won't I? Hell I'd even dance for him. Ok, so I'm always the one offering a private dance and he's the one telling me to put my clothes back on, but we're working on that one.


I caught my roommate's cold and feel crappy btw. Send gifts. She shot a commercial today btw so she's pretty ecstatic (and rightfully so) with herself at the moment.


I watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Kevin Spacey will continue to be my god until one of us dies. Sexy, talented, and dominating all my current fantasies. Well at least until I get home and stare upon this photo of David Duchovny that is hanging on my computer... I love those bee-stung lips more each day. But I'm thinking David's more of a purely sexual fantasy... Kevin is definite husband material. Tomorrow's video du jour "the Matchmaker", you just can't go wrong with a Janeane flick. If I was a girl I'd do her... I mean be her.


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