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September 3rd,

*sigh*.... Hmmmmm. Aaaaah. Phew. Uh-huh....

So I did it. Yep I'm one of the lucky few... I met up with Me-7. I drug her kicking and screaming from her proverbial shell and forced her to meet me for cappuccino and baguettes (neither one of us ate or drank either of these things, but it sounds REALLY cool don't you think?).

A few days before this chance encounter between Janet (Me-7) and Dr. Frank'n' Furter (MOI), Miss Weiss tried to feign uncertainty and nervousness. But Frank insisted and pushed the fact upon her that they had become comfy old friends by this point so there was indeed nothing to worry about. Miss Weiss admitted later that this made her feel less *vulnerable* (naked). They then proceeded to the castle a few miles back, with Brad in tow, where they were waited upon by the servants (slaves). Eventually they beamed the whole house back to Transylvania.... OOPS. Guess you want a translation that even those of you who haven't memorized The Rocky Horror Picture Show from credit to credit can indeed understand?

Ok here goes. This is a bit bizarre though, I was not the least bit nervous upon the timing of the meeting and all the lead up to it, but now I'm suddenly nervous about writing about it. Maybe it's the knowing that people will read it, I suddenly feel like I'm violating some sort of trust or moment of which we were both privy. I don't know what it is, but I'll make some coffee and I'll be right back... its strange but I'm really NOT wanting to write about it. In a way I don't want any of you there with us. Not that I don't love you all (ok... so I don't love "some" of you) but it does feel bizarre... Ok, making the damned coffee.


Ok... now where was I? Ahhhhh yes... Me-7, Mr. Me-7, Starbucks, James, curried chicken, and red wine.

We've been discussing this on and off for ages, but the timing was always just a bit off. Finally it just seemed that the timing was right. Initially she seemed like she might protest just a *smidge*... but alas I'd made my mind up and wanted to put a voice to the pictures, cats, couch, and text that I've known for approximately 9 months VIA the net. *wow didn't seem like that long till I actually sat down and tried to figure it out*. Ok so here goes.

We'd decided to meet at the Starbucks near my house, and she'd hinted she'd get there early so I of course *as is my signature* was running late as I'd been online for too long *GASP*. And so I come puffing up the coffee house of sin and start perusing the crowds for my amiable lil friend... actually was perusing for her hair as I knew she'd be looking either at the floor or into a book. I get in and am halfway to the counter when I see her with her nose buried in a newspaper... I figured she'd seen me, but was gonna wait till we were actually *together* before she made eye-contact. I off knew of course she'd had the opportunity to watch me walk up, as she was sitting in the window. So I exploited my opportunity to view her while she dutifully (as the rules are written that way) pretended to not know I was eyeing her up. It was the few minutes I needed to keep my nervousness at bay and familiarize myself before approaching. *I stalled a bit too... but shhhhhhhhh, don't tell her that.*

I eventually stroll over and she stands up to *I believe* shake my hand, and I thought not on your life, I'm getting a hug whether you want one or not. And she WAS wearing leather and I do so love the feel of leather sliding against me.. the touch, the smell, the erotic way it folds around a person's... OOPS, sorry was I fantasizing out loud again? :) Ok, so I gave her a hug and that was it. It broke the initial feelings of apprehension. I suddenly didn't feel the sensations that I thought I would. After the first two minutes and the obligatory how was work sort of questions we fell into an easy repoire. Uncomplicated, but complex. Easygoing and light, yet intimate and searching. Respectful as a first meeting, all the while taking the liberties of old friends. It was great. It went on for several hours, we even hopped the fence to move from coffee to curry and beer. I don't know if she's told you about the particulars of our conversation, but I'm not gonna give you any real specifics as it's in many ways I want to keep for us. I'll give you the basics though, hell I figure if people are still ACTUALLY reading my journal then they earned that much. Have I mentioned I feel like I'm yelling into some sort of empty void by this point?

I think it took me two minutes to feel comfortable, as my brain had to integrate her voice and manner of metered speech. I had to assimilate the voice to the words I'd read for so long. But it was really an effortless evening. It just flowed from topic to topic and person to person. We discussed art, journalling, sex, sexual assault, food, journallers, ICQ, chat, webcams, computers, work, family, heritage, race, literature, husbands *wink*, imaginary lake monsters, my penis, her breasts, etc... etc... etc. It really did feel like meeting with an old friend. It lacked, at least for me, all the apprehensions of a first meeting... the uncomfortable silences... the reservations. I think that really hit me when we were explaining to her husband about the myth of my penis. *GASP*. Yes... it's true. They ARE swingers.

*should I bail them out here and type "kidding"?* =P

Before getting there, I knew that Mr. Me-7 would be joining us and had initially thought that would "limit" what we could say or discuss. But I have never been more pleasantly misguided in my conclusions. Rayne if you are reading this... he is all  that and the bag of chips. I don't tend to like straight men, as I've often been either dismissive of them or just found them plain old boring or in the worst case scenario been intimidated by them. But I tell ya. For a guy that's meeting his wife's gay internet exhibitionist friend for the first time he was great. I felt as comfortable with him as I did with her.

I know I've talked in my journal before that to me they just seemed, from what I could piece together, a perfect couple. It was nice to see that justified in RL, that they are indeed what they say they are. They are two halves of a whole, and I've seldom said that about any couple. Equal power on both sides. He never blinked or questioned what we were saying or discussing, just went with the flow and I didn't feel any need to edit for fear of making him uncomfortable etc as he would often inject with perfect comfortability. A straight man that can easily discuss gay male rape is definitely a rare find and a keeper.

It's funny in that I never had any doubts or insecurities till after the meeting. The next day I started wondering if I'd dominated, talked over people, said too much about things I should have kept quiet about, etc. I hope I didn't. :)

So eventually the night comes to an end and they drove me home (after paying for my sustenance and spirits) and that was that. I had thought about inviting them up to see my painting and to meet the cats, but I somehow felt they were about all James'd out for one night. And I know there'll be other opportunities to do this so I took comfort in that, knowing that we'd stepped into being friends in RL.

So to make a long story short... Today I met a friend that I've known forever. Today I found that someone was indeed the person I've known all this time. Today I put a voice to the soul, and a face to the heart.

PS: And YES, we discussed each and everyone of you... :)

*now I'm really nervous, as I'm gonna go read what she wrote...*

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