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August 8th - I'm not dead...

So I decided to update after all. I've been super busy and had some problems with my webserver... but alas all that seemed complicated and taxing was indeed just a simple thing. But I'm not a cyber geek or a computer guy so it took me a few weeks to figure out just what was wrong, and by then I'd started several other projects so it took awhile longer to tie up some ends and get focused. Yet at the same time I did enjoy this break. I did some travelling and got tons of sun, drank lots of beers, and caught up with a million other people that I'd been neglecting in RL. So all was not lost. But like I said, it was kinda nice to not be updating or even really thinking about this part of my life. I enjoy this outlet, but it can become a bit demanding... dare I say I didn't even really keep up with my journal reading either. But I did stop in every few days to catch up with ya'll... :)

So I'm not really sure where to start. Lots has happened yet nothing has happened, so as usual I'll just start talking and see where I end up.


Looks like Daria is waffling a bit about whether or not to head back to the states. She had given me her notice but then told me she'd kinda like to stay till the end of next month. Yet Greg seems to have found me a roommate for the end of this month, so I'm not sure it'll really be an option for her. I mean if no one had applied yet, then I'd definitely keep her around for another month. But if this girl needs a place I couldn't in good conscious not let her move in on the date I'd originally quoted her for.

It's kinda funny in that Greg phoned me to ask me about all the prices, bills, availability etc on the apartment and then tells me "Ok Hon, I'll phone you back in a few minutes." He tells me later that  he's been interviewing and meeting with prospective roommates and screening them for me. He'll be meeting up with this girl on Tuesday before he decides if he'll give her my number or not. I personally think this is kinda funny, whereas a friend of mine that I mentioned it too said it was *demanding and protective*. Call me naive but I just think its kinda cute that he'd go to all this trouble for me, instead of just giving these people my phone number and having me deal with it. He's just too sweet (albeit a bit odd) at times.


Speaking of Greg, we've kinda been in a strange space lately. Not strange bad, just strange. We'd gotten really close and seemed to have taken things to a different level of intimacy, but then in backlash to that we started to pick at each other over really dumb things. We never actually had any fights, but we seemed to be oversensitive to what the other one of us was saying, doing, etc. I'm not sure but I think it could be that on whatever level we'd made ourselves vulnerable, and then each of had a gut reaction to that and then became defensive and on-guard. Make sense...? I hope it does, cause that's what it seems to me to have happened.

It all kinda started when he told me about the dream he'd had about the day we moved in together and how we'd been fighting in this dream. Also I'm furniture shopping right now, so we're trying to find stuff that we both like and will blend with what he has. So although we have no dates set as to when we will move in, we're working towards that eventuality. So needless to say its sparked discussion etc that perhaps we should leave till we *actually* do move in together. Hmmm, one of the big things seems to be my net-time, he's finally been admitting that it worries him... moreso I think because it's so foreign to him. He doesn't understand how I can tell him about my friends online and that I can feel loyalty to them. He worries that I'm always *alone* with them and that these aren't friendships he can share in. I understand, but at the same time it is something he's gonna have to accept.

I'm trying to keep him more up to date on my net projects, etc... but yet that seems to make it worse because then he realizes just how distanced he is from it. I showed him my chat server that I'm building and it just seemed to frustrate him when he didn't understand the things I was explaining to him about how it worked and how I was upgrading it. Everytime someone came into it he assumed I knew them intimately despite me telling him I had no idea who this person was etc.... keep in mind he's NEVER been online so its all new and confusing for him.


A few other things... hmmm. Me-7 was without net access so I was her guest journaller for August 4th. Have a peek if you wanna hear the truth about her. *G*

Also a gentleman on the MASSF paid tribute to Noah in a compilation page that included words from many of the people on the board. My entry is here, originally it was supposed to be journal entry, but I missed the date as you can see. The Noah tribute page in it's entirety is here, but won't be there for ever mind you so look now.


OHHHH, before I forget... congratulate me as I am now a VISA debt-free man. :)

Anyway... more tomorrow. Gotta run after Me-7, she just popped online.


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