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***If only we were among friends... or sane persons***

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July 8th

You know how much I hate having missed days in my log, so of course I'd update mere hours before my plane leaves.

Been thinking alot lately about closure. And how even this trip has made me face certain things. I sent off a ton of short mails tonight, just trying to quickly say the things to people that I should've said before. The small things I've let build for no good reason. I needed to smooth over the rough spots I've had with Noah, and also with Exodus. I needed to clear the air and put a few things behind me. It feels good.

Needed to let some people know  that I appreciate them. I'm sure I missed a few as well unfortunately. But lots of people from my RL got letters and just cyber hugs in general, as well as those in Cyber that I've been neglecting.

I did the same thing with work. I organized, archived, and basically ripped my department into shape. Cleaned up all my loose ends so that none of them were able to "snag" anything while I was gone. I hate coming back to a "mess". A bunch of occurrences that could have been prevented. I need that sort of thing if I'm going away.

Its like the other things I had to do at home. I had to clean my house, do all my laundry, ensure I had frozen foods for when I come back, and just put everything in order. That included "tidying" up my Email accounts and my hard-drive. Not sure why its all relevant but it is. I need to come home to the least amount of hassle, disarray, or possibilities of disruption.

I have friends that tell me I'm incredibly scattered, while other's opinions of me infer someone who is neurotic and anal. It just depends on when you see me. I can attack things with an almost manic intensity, or I can just let it slide for an eternity. Tonight was a fine example. This week has been a fine example.

I've basically taken everything that has been piling up and devoured it in a matter of days. I left no stone unturned and no burrough unpoked <not sure what that means but humor me OK?>. I feel like I'm coming home to a clean slate in a matter of speaking. Or that "I've put my house in order" and it feels good. I feel satisfied and complete. I'm tired as hell, but its a good tired.

Off to pack my bags and catch my flight...

Be good to my journal while I'm gone... I'm gonna miss him.


oh yeah... I'll notify the obvious ones of you when I'm back... but if you're not sure that I'm gonna notify you... then send a mail with "notify" in the title and I'll shoot you a mail upon my return. Gonna be just under a week BTW.

PS: Did you know that MSG may also be found on labels listed as...

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolysed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, vegetable powder, and natural flavors?

Vitamin B6 will help you metabolize MSG as well. And no I didn't know that either.

Take care, watch your MSG intake, and pray that I get some sun, cause honey I need it.


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