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June 8th

Well today's been a bit of a long day. I was out with Greg all last night, we went to see the Truman Show and then out for dinner and home to watch videos. I tell you, one of these days we'll actually have to sit and talk to each other... but until then we have movies. I swear I'm such a loser... this week alone I've watched the following: Starship Troopers, Object of my Affection, Wild Things, Kissed, The Truman Show, As Good as it Gets (for the third time), The Pillow Book, and Something Else That I Can't Quite Remember. This is since Saturday mind you, I still have several more days to go so I'm not close to being done yet.

I spent the entire day in workshops today... this was supposed to be my day off as now my schedule it definitely back to normal. :) But instead I spent it in workshops and get to repeat this pattern next Monday, as well as having two more meetings later in the week. Lucky me they fall just before my shift following so I can work my 8 hours in addition to the four allotted for the meetings... so kind of them to ensure no scheduling conflicts. God bless their little hearts.


I'm getting some good feedback on the new look, although its mostly from friends so they aren't likely to say "hey you suck" but I appreciate and covet it regardless. Ummm, the good compliments, not being told I suck that is. Can you believe Me-7 is back? Not that I didn't enjoy the entries by R, but I was missing her explorations. I owe Greg and Noah a mail apiece, I'll get right on that boys. Exodus sent me a mail that kinda made me blink twice, don't worry bud... all's well and I will write you later today. Best thing about not being at the computer for almost two days... all my fav journals update, so I then have something to do before I upload my own AKA time to waste.


Hmmm, lets think... I got a new lamp. I did some computer work for a design company quite awhile back and thought I was merely helping out a friend. He phoned me and told me he had a "present" for me so I should stop in and visit him at work. Apparently the guy that owns the company found out that I'd helped out on some presentations and decided to give me a "little something" for my time and energy. A little something is a(nother) thousand dollar lamp. This one is just beautiful, a high tech floor lamp for beside my computer desk. Its just bizarre, the design is top notch. I was taking it home on the bus and all these people were whispering and craning their necks till finally I hear this girl exclaim "ooooh, its a lamp" and then a bunch of people go "oooooooooh". Guess you had to be there, but it was kinda cute. My roommate and her friend were all intrigued and were cooing over it when I came in. Daria asked me "how much" and so I explained how I'd gotten it and how much it was worth... as soon as I said "just under a thousand bucks" she then turned on her heels and walked away. Sometimes I really don't understand her brain and just how her synapses snap. For the record I'm really starting to like the lamp we bought for my mom and was "almost" contemplating keeping it, but damnit she already knows I have it. *grumble* *mumble*  Even Daria is hinting that I should keep it, and she NEVER approves of anything I buy.


Poor, poor Shandra.... remember me talking about how her b/f and her hadn't done the deed yet? Well, apparently whenever they've been at parties etc and anyone comments on them as being b/f - g/f he corrects them by clarifying that they "aren't" together. She finally realized that he just considers her a friend, and here she was ready to move across country with him if he was to get a job in another province. So she decided to sit him down and be honest about her feelings etc and that she wants to be a couple. Between the conception of the intent and the actually conversation a week had passed. When she finally tells him he informs her he'd met someone the night before and that he can't think of her as anything but a sister, as the relationship has been so non-sexual for such an amount of time. Needless to say, the tears came... then they stopped. Then they came again, then they stopped, then they came.... Greg finally says to me "do you think I should give her a glass of water, she's gonna dehydrate soon." Ok, so we did laugh a bit, but really now... after four hours of this incessant wailing it was wearing REALLY thin. She was even staring out the window with her hand ever so delicately resting on the glass while she traced their initials in the fog... and yes it was even raining. The girl is a cliche in heels.

He'd apparently tried to get sexual with her one week into the pairing, but she'd pushed him away as he was drunk. They then continued in the vain of "best friends" for the next 5 months or so. Technically nothing has changed except that she now knows they won't be anything BUT friends, so I'm not feeling super sympathetic as the only thing she's lost is the illusion where it could go VS where it really is. But you know, after 5 months of not kissing, not holding hands, and not putting out... you would think she'd be used to it and not lose her mind as she is. I've said before that she's really defined by the whole concept of having a man in her life. I find that VERY hard to deal with in anyone. We figure if he doesn't change his mind soon, then she'll run home to her parent's house. She came here (we found out later) to get away from a relationship, so what's to say she won't display the same behavior now. But its kinda funny in that she just can't do enough for him right now... cooking dinner, renting videos, dressing up (including lipstick), and just being as big a welcome mat as she possibly can. I know the first chance that he's drunk she's gonna jump his skinny ass and do him. She's convinced that if he fucks her then everything will be OK. Umm, yeah right girl... oops, I mean YOU GO GIRL!!!

Well I'm off to bed. More on the drama that is my life, or should I say... "More of the drama that is the entirely objectified drama that occurs to those around me..." tomorrow.

PS: I can't believe I missed adding Rayne's URL to my front page, will the gods of good journalling ever forgive me?


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