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July 7th

I'm tired <for a change>. Just had so many things to catch up on before I leave, that I do believe I've worn myself out. The remainder of the day should be no exception either. Still have some of the bigger things on my list to accomplish. HA, you'd think that I'd be doing that now instead of updating.... well you were wrong. :)

I took a chance on something yesterday. Lohengryn had posted a tarot reading on himself on his page... actually now that I think clearly it was posted in his "Diary of Ghosts" and linked into his page. So anyway I took it and read it and maybe it was that I saw more in it or just felt he may have missed some details. Some of the imagery was very strong and, to me at least, very pointed in regards to what it was representing. So I took the spread, re-read it and then mailed him the reading. I felt nervous and just a "little" pushy. But I got his response back today and for what I can garner it was actually quite close to the correct interpretation of the situation. So that's kinda cool. Immediately after sending it I was feeling like it was none of my business, and that it was an intimacy that was unwarranted.

Whenever I do that I always feel some apprehension, like I've overstepped my bounds or that I've made too intimate a gesture towards someone. There is the chance I may misinterpret the cards and offend, or that I may interpret them correctly and offend. Sometimes the last thing someone wants to hear is the truth.... <not that there was anything bad in Lohengryn's spread, but I've had some pretty hostile reactions from people in the past. And most of those were people that had specifically asked for a reading>.


U'll love this. We found out what was wrong with Greg. He has MSG poisoning. *snicker* I told him that the shaker of MSG was a bad idea. <kidding> But that was where the trauma stems from, too many bags of Dutch Crunch chips, Primo soups, spicy subs, and various other junk foods. Poor baby.

So we ended up NOT going out again last night, as his head was still swimming. I guess I'm OK with that, but I really did want just one day at this festival   before I went on this trip. Initially we all had our coats on and then  he started to get dizzy again, so he says for me to "just go ahead" without him. Hmmm, me and 5 not-English. I don't think so. It was bad enough that he'd mentioned to them why I was pissed off, and when I got there they were obviously making a point of not speaking English. So needless to say I declined and stayed with Greg. Well I would have done that regardless.

We rented vids and just enjoyed, can you believe, some time alone. No sex though. We weren't alone for that long. :(

Shandra comes home and she pacing and stomping and just being her usual intrusive, egocentric and annoying self. She informs us that the earrings that the new B/F bought her are missing. She claims she put them in the box when she got home on Saturday night and now they are missing. Its pretty much guaranteed that Housepest #1 wouldn't take them, so of course all eyes fall on Housepest #2. But one problem, he's not there to defend himself. She's losing her mind and just raving up on end of the house and then down the other. We're all trying to calm her down and trying to get her to retrace and re-examine her movements and her actions. Accusing someone of theft is a pretty big deal, and not something you do lightly. Apparently she doesn't agree with this analogy.

I don't know, I can understand her frustration, but lately I'm just finding her to be such a bitch. Not like a sorta bitch, but a complete and utter self centered controlling wench. I'm way past any sympathy for her. The B/F is being pretty flippant and actually quite gentle. "We'll buy you another pair, its no big deal. If he did steal them we should feel some sympathy for him, as that's pretty desperate, etc." I tried to stay out of it, but it consumed a good hour and a half of our time. And yeah, I just wanted to see him NOT her. Let alone listen to her rant and rave without listening to any sense of reason. Blah, blah, blah.


Got 8 postcard requests and 2 for "gifts". Anymore forthcoming? Got until about 5 AM on Wednesday to make em. Just remember the mailing addy needs to be included. I gotta split and do some laundry, packing, and last minute paperwork. Laters...


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