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June 3rd

I realized today that I don't read enough journals... meaning that with how inconsistently everyone has been updating that I don't get near enough time to visit those various sites to be entertained. I find myself lately visiting the same sites numerous times in one day. Often as much as four times and usually don't even realize I've already been there till I'm vacantly clicking away through entries and going "oh yeah, done this already." I used to visit every two or three days, I'd do a tour of all the sites, now its several times a day. Maybe that's because I sit here working so much lately that I'm constantly looking for distractions.

Noah pulled his diary offline, Rodion hasn't uploaded in a few days, Me-7 is taking a break, Elizabeth is out of the country... so in protest I've started reading more diaries. I caught up on Mackenzie's diary and am hoping to link it in, and I found a new one called "private goes public" except its not a daily diary, but I did manage to read it from cover to cover so I'm all "caught up" so to speak.

I realized why I'm enjoying this break so much. I know my diary is not some huge forging onward into realms of creative writing that haven't been accomplished before. But I did read back tonight and found that I do give ALOT to this medium. I think my entries tend to be complete and thorough. When I was a kid I did alot of creative writing and wasn't a bad writer if I must say so myself. But I always found writing to be an intense domain for me. And now that I've been writing almost daily, and often forcing myself to write even when I've nothing to say... I'm exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and creatively. Not knowing whether I'm gonna update or not, and not really thinking about it has been a huge weight lifted. I've taken a good four days and not stressed about anything. Or maybe it just feels like four days. I do think though that I'll try to get this new diary online by the start of next week at the earliest. Unless I'm really productive the next few, then I'll have it online before the weekend.

I can't believe the idiocy displayed in Diary-L the last few weeks. I'm telling you. I could be off on my timelines but there was a period of at least a week there where people were just showing how cruel and ignorant they can be. I've gone back to just automatically deleting everything in my mail box that doesn't look like it's specifically related to HTML etc. Its amazing how a few pricks can totally make everything a flame-war or an insult. And then people sit around and muse about why more people won't post to it. Yeah sure, here stand in this circle while we all hurl insults and stones... feel welcome yet?

After reading back through my old entries I decided that I did want to create an archive, just not entirely sure how to do it. I'd like to "preserve" the site in its entirety and not just the entries, yet I'm not sure just how much work that would be, and just how "worth it" it would be. *sigh* I definitely don't want to create a new site for this one, and to re-enter my site into all those search engines etc is SUCH a pain in the ass. But I am hating those pop-ups more everyday. I can't believe I'm actually considering going to Xoom, especially after all the people I've tried to talk out of moving their sites there. But I stand by the belief that they used to be REALLY slow and the server would be down for several days at a time. But we all change don't we....?

*** home is where the caffeine is***

So I watched my two hours of David, David, David. I'm gonna defend him by saying... its not the actors its the directors that make a bad flick. Not that it sucked mind you... you do get to see him shower, even if it was just his upper chest. Hell I'd pay to see him do anything, but the script was cheesy as hell, and the scenarios were just flat, flat, flat. Damn, he's one gorgeous man though.

Greg is NOT allowed to bug me about renting that movie though, as he rented Firestorm and he loved it. I phoned him while it was on and he was just bouncing off the walls. He's such a freak, for a gay man he really has cheesy tastes sometimes. Give him a movie where things explode and people save "the chick" and he's happy. Dear god, I'm dating a teenage boy.

I love ya, but I'm outta here...


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